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True Direction Oscillator


Or (TDO)  which is an index that measures the price rate of change using the principle of " Pure Momentum".

When a security price advances from 10 to 15 then the price rate of change is 150% but when it declines back from 15 to 10 then the price rate of change is 33.3% only. That is why technical analysis indicators like "Price Rate of Change" (ROC) or "Momentum" give higher readings for ascending price movements than those given to descending ones. TDO fixes this problem to help traders at reading momentum correctly.

Important Information

    TDO User's Manual:   https://www.mql5.com/en/blogs/post/717970
        TDO F.A.Q :    https://www.mql5.com/en/blogs/post/722015
            TDO Video Library:   https://www.mql5.com/en/blogs/post/722018
                TDO Expert Advisor Example:   https://www.mql5.com/en/blogs/post/731141

                  TDO Features

                    TDO calculates pure momentum as percent, so it is used to compare different securities from different markets. (Ex: compare EURUSD with Gold & Dow Jones Industrial).

                    TDO panel calculation depends on five different periods, to cover a wide range of market cycles and can be more effective at catching trends.

                    TDO arrow appears when all TDO panel dots are in line for the first time. This feature reduces the number of false zero-line cross signals to their lowest number.

                    Sound, email alerts when trend strengthens and when arrow signals appear at the beginning of a new trend.

                    You can switch between FX pairs by pressing the Symbols Button. You can choose to open the chart in a new window.

                    You can add a Standard Deviation Channel or a Linear Regression Channel by pressing the Channel Button.

                    You can add a Grid from different levels of round numbers.

                    You can add support & resistance levels.

                    Well-designed parameters to help the user navigate between them.

                    TDO code is revised to make sure that it will not consume the user's PC memory.

                    TDO arrows do not repaint or recalculate its results.

                    Important TDO Parameters

                    1) TDO SETTINGS

                    • First TDO Period [ Min =1 ]:This is the first cycle in the TDO Panel. Default is 10.

                    2) TDO COLORS LIST & BUTTONS

                    • Chart Colors List:You can choose between four different color lists, or you can choose to (Do Nothing).

                      3) TDO ARROWS & ALERT
                      4) TDO PANEL ALERT
                      5) TDO SYMBOLS BUTTONS

                      • Window to Show Symbols Panel:Show Symbol Buttons in Main chart window  or in TDO Window.
                      • Button Click Action:Open chart on the same window or in a new window.
                      • Symbols Source From:Get symbols from custom symbol list  or from Market Watch.
                      • List of symbols (separated by ";"): If you choose symbols from a custom list then separate between symbols by ";".
                      • Buttons in a Horizontal Row [Min=(1)]:Number of buttons to show in a row.
                      • Time-Frames to Show [Min=(1) & Max=(9)]:Default is seven.

                      6) TDO CHANNEL

                      • Channel Kind: Choose between Standard Deviation Channels or Linear Regression Channel.
                      • Channel Ray:To show the channel as a ray.
                      • Channel Length: Number of candles used in channel calculation. Default is 160.

                      7) TDO GRID LINES

                      • Sub Grid Levels Count:You can add from zero to ten sub levels between main grid levels.

                      8) TDO ZIG ZONE LEVELS

                      If you have any questions then please, contact me via a private message or, write them in the comment section.
                      Muhammad Al Bermaui, CMT

                      Reviews 20
                      pornchai_p 2023.06.08 18:37 

                      This is excellent indicator, highly recommended. Now I have Bermaui bands, Bermaui RSI Candles and TDO.

                      Shimaa Kamal
                      Shimaa Kamal 2023.05.26 23:14 

                      This is a great indicator ... Thank you very much

                      gigoro 2023.03.21 10:34 

                      the idea of the indicator is good and it contains services that really save a lot of effort& time

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                      Accuracy of correct predictions 83%! This indicator was tested on the basis of real statistics for all market indicators according to indicators for 3 months of trading. 83% of correct trade forecasts for usd / jpy on the m30 time frame were received on our statistics! if you have any questions, please contact us in private messages or in discussions under this indicator and we will figure it out and help any questions will arise personal messages or in discussions under this indicator As soon
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                      NEW YEAR SALE PRICE FOR LIMITED TIME!!! Please contact us after your purchase and we will send you the complimentary indicators to complete the system . Cycle Sniper is not a holy grail but when you use it in a system which is explained in the videos, you will feel the difference. If you are not willing to focus on the charts designed with Cycle Sniper and other free tools we provide, we recommend not buying this indicator. We recommend watching the videos about the indiactor and system befor
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                      This indicator is a super combination of our 2 products  Advanced Currency IMPULSE with ALERT  and  Currency Strength Exotics . It works for all time frames and shows graphically impulse of strength or weakness for the 8 main currencies plus one Symbol! This Indicator is specialized to show currency strength acceleration for any symbols like Gold, Exotic Pairs, Commodities, Indexes or Futures. Is first of its kind, any symbol can be added to the 9th line to show  true currency strength accelerat
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                      225 USD
                      ICT, SMC, SMART MONEY CONCEPTS, SMART MONEY, Smart Money Concept, Support and Resistance, Trend Analysis, Price Action, Market Structure, Order Blocks, BOS/CHoCH,   Breaker Blocks ,  Momentum Shift, Supply&Demand Zone/Order Blocks , Strong Imbalance, HH/LL/HL/LH,    Fair Value Gap, FVG,  Premium  &   Discount   Zones, Fibonacci Retracement, OTE, Buy Side Liquidity, Sell Side Liquidity, BSL/SSL Taken, Equal Highs & Lows, MTF Dashboard, Multiple Time Frame, BigBar, HTF OB, HTF Market Structure,  L
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                      GET 10% OFF NOW! An exclusive indicator that utilizes an innovative algorithm to swiftly and accurately determine the market trend. The indicator automatically calculates opening, closing, and profit levels, providing detailed trading statistics. With these features, you can choose the most appropriate trading instrument for the current market conditions. Additionally, you can easily integrate your own arrow indicators into Scalper Inside Pro to quickly evaluate their statistics and profitabilit
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                      Currently on 10% Discount! Prices may increase in the future! Read description below! Once you purchase, send a message to my inbox for manual and starter kit. Best Entry System for Ultimate Sniper Dashboard: ULTIMATE DYNAMIC LEVELS. (Please Check my products) The Ultimate Sniper Dashboard ONLY works on live markets due to MT4 multicurrency testing limits. Introducing the Ultimate-Sniper Dashboard! Our very best which contains both HA-Sniper, MA-Sniper. and many special modes. The Ultimate S
                      99 USD
                      TakePropips Donchian Trend Pro
                      Eric John Pajarillaga Aldana
                      4.79 (14)
                      TakePropips Donchian Trend Pro  (MT4) is a powerful and effective tool that automatically detects the direction of the trend using the Donchian Channel and provides you with an entry and exit trading signals! This multi-function indicator includes a trend scanner, trading signals, statistical panel, screener, trading sessions, and alerts history dashboard. It is designed to provide you with trading signals and save you hours analyzing the charts! You can download the user manual and installation
                      99 USD
                      Currency Strength Exotics
                      Bernhard Schweigert
                      4.87 (30)
                      CURRENTLY 20% OFF ! Best Solution for any Newbie or Expert Trader! This Indicator is specialized to show currency strength for any symbols like Exotic Pairs Commodities, Indexes or Futures. Is first of its kind, any symbol can be added to the 9th line to show true currency strength of Gold, Silver, Oil, DAX, US30, MXN, TRY, CNH etc. This is a unique, high quality and affordable trading tool because we have incorporated a number of proprietary features and a new formula. Imagine how your trading
                      128 USD
                      CFF Banks Liquidity
                      Abdalla Mohamed Kandil
                      CFF Banks Liquidity     Entry signals without repainting or delays     Error-free opening of trades     Provides signals for any direction sell & Buy Join Our Public Telegram Channel for latest updates and set files.   | Our Telegram Channel How does the CFF Banks Liquidity Works? Our CFF Banks Liquidity trading system based on a very accurate "Trend-Following" Trading Strategy. Here's how to Start using our System 1.      Buy and install the indicator in your terminal. Ask the guide.
                      313 USD
                      Scalper Vault
                      Oleg Rodin
                      5 (21)
                      Scalper Vault is a professional scalping system which provides you with everything you need for successful scalping. This indicator is a complete trading system which can be used by forex and binary options traders. The recommended time frame is M5. The system provides you with accurate arrow signals in the direction of the trend. It also provides you with top and bottom signals and Gann market levels. The indicator provides all types of alerts including PUSH notifications. Please contact me aft
                      65 USD
                      Entry Points Pro
                      Yury Orlov
                      4.7 (224)
                      Top indicator for MT4 providing accurate signals to enter a trade without repainting! ̶ 1̶2̶5̶ ̶U̶S̶D̶  Exclusive: Indicator price slashed for just 3 days! It can be applied to any financial assets:  forex, cryptocurrencies, metals, stocks, indices.  MT5 version is here   It will provide pretty accurate trading signals and tell you when it's best to open a trade and close it. Watch  the video  (6:22) with an example of processing only one signal that paid off the indicator! Most traders impro
                      99 USD
                      Introducing ON Trade Waves Patterns Harmonic Elliot Wolfe, an advanced indicator designed to detect various market patterns using both manual and automated methods. Here's how it works: Harmonic Patterns: This indicator can identify harmonic patterns that appear on your chart. These patterns are essential for traders practicing harmonic trading theory, as popularized by Scott Carney's book "Harmonic Trading vol 1&2." Whether you draw them manually or rely on automated detection, ON Trade Waves
                      133 USD
                      Automated Trendlines
                      Georgios Kalomoiropoulos
                      5 (16)
                      Trendlines  are the most essential tool of technical analysis in forex trading.  Unfortunately, most  traders don’t draw them correctly. Automated Trendlines indicator is a professional tool for serious traders that help you visualize the trending movement of the markets . There are two types of Trendlines Bullish Trendlines and Bearish Trendlines. In the uptrend, Forex trend line is drawn through the lowest swing-points of the price move. Connecting at least two "lowest lows" will create a
                      99 USD
                      More from author
                      Bermaui Bands
                      Muhammad Elbermawi
                      4.94 (88)
                      Bermaui Bands (BB) is a technical analysis tool that helps filter between ranging and trending price movements. The idea behind this indicator can be explained in the next steps: Calculate Standard Deviation as an oscillator that moves between 0 and 100. I will name it Bermaui Deviation percent (BD %). If "BD %" is near zero then volatility is at its extreme. In addition, if "BD %" is near 100 then volatility is very low. High volatility means a great probability for a trending market, while low
                      50 USD
                      MASR Bands
                      Muhammad Elbermawi
                      5 (9)
                      Or M oving A verage S upport R esistance Bands . MASR Bands indicator is a moving average surrounded by two bands that work together as support and resistance levels. Statistically, MASR Bands contain price candles 93% of the time. Here is how it is calculated in steps: 1. The first step is to calculate the highest high (HHV) and the lowest low (LLV) for an X period of time. 2. The second step is to divide HHV by LLV to get how wide is the distance between them as a percentage. I call the
                      50 USD
                      Bermaui Deviation Percent
                      Muhammad Elbermawi
                      4.94 (128)
                      Or ( BD% ) which is a volatility index that measures volatility in percent rather than points. The idea of BD% is to make an index depending on the Classic Standard Deviation (CSD) that moves between 0 and 100 percent. You can use BD% to compare volatility for the same security in different time periods or different time-frames. In addition, you can use BD% to compare volatility between different securities in different markets in terms of percent rather than points. HOW TO USE "BD%" I
                      50 USD
                      Bermaui RSI Candles
                      Muhammad Elbermawi
                      5 (7)
                      The idea of this indicator is to draw RSI in the form of candles that can be compared with price charts to generate buy and sell signals. The indicator is not my invention. I founded it on the internet several years ago. I updated the code, added alert functions, added the Bermaui Utilities group of tools. The indicator calculates the RSI of all the prices that are used to draw candlesticks (RSI of the open, high, low & close). It uses the highest of them to draw the RSI candles high wick & the
                      40 USD
                      Moving Average Cloud
                      Muhammad Elbermawi
                      4.93 (14)
                      Or "MAC". This is an indicator designed to help you capture and trade the trend. The idea behind this indicator can be explained in the next steps: Draw a fast-moving average Envelope. Draw a slow-moving average Envelope. The MAC Upper Band is the highest value between the high of both Envelopes. The MAC Lower Band is the lowest value between the low of both Envelopes. The MAC Histogram Cloud fills the distance between two bands to show you change in direction. Blue Cloud indicates the uptren
                      60 USD
                      Bermaui Manual EA
                      Muhammad Elbermawi
                      5 (9)
                      This is a semi-automatic expert advisor that trades the grid system. The idea is to gradually take different positions in the market, then to calculate the break-even level for them. When the prices pass this break-even by a predetermined distance all opened orders are closed. Important Information Here is the user's guide:   https://www.mql5.com/en/blogs/post/730567 You can try this EA with any of my other products, here:    https://www.mql5.com/en/users/bermaui314/seller Important Featur
                      50 USD
                      BACD Cloud
                      Muhammad Elbermawi
                      4.57 (7)
                      Or B ermaui A verage C onvergence D ivergence Cloud , which is an oscillator that shows trend direction and measures its strength in percent. BACD Cloud calculation is as follow: 1- Calculate two exponential moving average. One of them is faster than the other. I will call the first (Fast) and the second (Slow) 2- Find the center between them, where: Center MA = (Fast + Slow) / 2 3- Calculate BACD Line as follow: BACD = 100 * (Fast / Center MA) 4- Calculate the BACD Signal Line, which i
                      40 USD
                      Classic Keltner Channel
                      Muhammad Elbermawi
                      4.9 (39)
                      Or CKC. This indicator works depending on the classic ten-day moving average rule described by Chester W. Keltner (1909–1998). All parameters are set to the classic version of the Keltner system by default, while the user can change them if he wants. Important Information    Read CKC Manual:   https://www.mql5.com/en/blogs/post/736577    CKC Expert Advisor Example:   https://www.mql5.com/en/blogs/post/734150 About Keltner Channel Formula 1. Calculate the Center Line as a simple moving aver
                      60 USD
                      Bermaui Channel
                      Muhammad Elbermawi
                      5 (27)
                      This is a price channel that shows five important price levels on the chart. Those levels are: 1. The Highest High (HH) of the previous x bars. 2. The Highest Low (HL) of the previous x bars. 3. The Center Line. 4. The Lowest High (LH) of the previous x bars. 5. The Lowest Low (LL) of the previous x bars. How does Bermaui Channels Captures Overbought  area Think of the distance between HH and HL levels as an overbought area. When the price candles or bars crosses the HL to the upside this
                      50 USD
                      Horus EA
                      Muhammad Elbermawi
                      3.67 (3)
                      Horus EA for MT4 Thousands of years ago, the ancient Egyptians invented a counting system that they used to measure their lands and weighing their commodities. This system was known as the " Eye of Horus ". The Eye of Horus was associated with the myth of the god Osiris and became one of the sacred symbols of the pharaohs. I used the mathematical equations in the Eye of Horus with the Fibonacci sequence to build a negative progression money management system that is 89% safer than the famous
                      200 USD
                      Or DBD%. The indicator consists of colored tape that shows trading signals depending on two Bermaui Deviation Oscillator (BD%) and two moving averages. Bermaui Deviation Percent is a volatility index that measures volatility in percent rather than points. The idea of BD% is to make an index depending on Classic Standard Deviation (CSD) that moves between 0 and 100 percent. Important Information DBD% expert advisor example:  https://www.mql5.com/en/blogs/post/731145 If you want to know mor
                      40 USD
                      Bermaui Pin Bars
                      Muhammad Elbermawi
                      5 (22)
                      Bermaui Pin Bars   Or (BPB) is an indicator that finds Pin Bars price action pattern on the chart. Pin Bars is a shortcut for "Pinocchio Bars" which is a classic bar pattern alternative to Japanese candlesticks with tall upper or lower shadows and very small bodies like Hammer, Inverted-Hammer, Hanging Man, Shooting Star, Dragon Fly Doji or Grave Stone Doji. Bermaui Pin Bars indicator find this pattern depending on a formula that can be explained in the next steps: At first BPB calculate the
                      50 USD
                      pornchai_p 2023.06.08 18:37 

                      This is excellent indicator, highly recommended. Now I have Bermaui bands, Bermaui RSI Candles and TDO.

                      Shimaa Kamal
                      Shimaa Kamal 2023.05.26 23:14 

                      This is a great indicator ... Thank you very much

                      gigoro 2023.03.21 10:34 

                      the idea of the indicator is good and it contains services that really save a lot of effort& time

                      Solomon Ola
                      Solomon Ola 2023.03.17 19:20 

                      best indicatot i have ever see i give hit 5ster

                      passyjh 2023.02.28 11:43 

                      I think this is good indicator.

                      mostafa gamal
                      mostafa gamal 2023.02.14 02:15 


                      wuzzy66 2023.01.13 21:24 


                      Muhammad Elbermawi
                      Reply from developer Muhammad Elbermawi 2023.01.14 02:33
                      Wow, that is an awesome review ... Happy 2023 🙏
                      davevicens 2022.12.30 11:43 

                      First operation and first benefit. I love this indicator!!! Happy New Year

                      Muhammad Elbermawi
                      Reply from developer Muhammad Elbermawi 2022.12.30 13:42
                      Happy new year to you too my friend 🌲 🙏
                      NN 2022.08.25 14:37 

                      Useless! It is lagging and does not help!

                      Jedidiah Benedict
                      Jedidiah Benedict 2022.08.05 18:31 

                      I really like this indicator.

                      Walid Nazmi
                      Walid Nazmi 2022.06.22 15:20 

                      Trust me (TDO) is all what you need! Key Advantages : 1) Indicator doesn't flash false signals during a spike or sudden price move. 2) 100% you can rely on the indicator 3) Result from the back test and in real-time is a perfect match. I'm certainly glad i came across the author Mr. Muhammad Elbermawi

                      Muhammad Elbermawi
                      Reply from developer Muhammad Elbermawi 2022.06.22 15:25
                      Thanks a lot for the great review, Walid 🙏
                      Hamid Niazmand
                      Hamid Niazmand 2022.06.14 05:37 

                      useless! I don't understand why all the reviews are 5 star while the indicator is just regular ok indicator. 15 min ago in 4 hours chart usd/jpy showing sell signal and I went according to that and 5 min later after I went short the sell signal disappeared I understand trade is based on probabilities but when signal disappeared that is questionable. so do not get fooled by pervious signal it can change easily. if you don't believe it then rent it for month !!!

                      Muhammad Elbermawi
                      Reply from developer Muhammad Elbermawi 2022.06.14 07:51
                      I can see that you didn't read the manual and so, you don't understand the idea of the indicator.
                      My indicators don't repaint themself as you claim. Thousands of customers tried them without any problems.
                      As I mentioned in the description the "TDO arrows do not repaint or recalculate their results."
                      atarek1978 2022.06.11 22:55 

                      these fake reviews encourage us to buy such a bad indicator If it is a winning tool than the author will not sell it with 60 dollars

                      Muhammad Elbermawi
                      Reply from developer Muhammad Elbermawi 2022.06.12 12:29
                      I can't figure out what bothers you so much about the True Direction Oscillator reviews.
                      All people here have the freedom to change their reviews whenever they want.
                      I do my best to serve my customers and give them the best value for each dollar they pay.
                      rodbizness 2022.06.11 01:16 

                      Sincerely, Very Awsome indicator. Thank you so much Muhammad.

                      Fann29 2022.05.19 08:29 

                      This TDO is not only one indicator, there is plus 4!! very worth it for the price! Thank you!

                      Childerich 2022.04.29 13:42 

                      just bought the indicator, looks good and promising. thank you.

                      tMolokeng 2022.04.25 16:23 

                      Hi Mr. Muhammad. I read many positive reviews about your TDO product from other traders. Therefore, I decided to rent your TDO for one year. May I please get a copy so that, I can start trading profitably. Thank you.

                      kotero1990 2022.04.23 21:30 

                      Excellent overall Indicator. Any chance of this indicator becoming a EA ? That would be amazing!

                      minus35 2022.04.18 17:53 

                      I just got TDO, first positive trades, good indicator, thanks.

                      deimy 2022.04.15 00:55 

                      Very good indicator, thank you

                      Reply to review
                      Version 9.2 2020.05.22
                      In TDO version 9.2 I have enhanced the alert and notifications to work better with the MT4 system tester
                      I didn't make any changes to TDO's basic formula. It is still the same.
                      I didn't make any changes in indicator parameters or buffers.
                      Version 9.1 2020.02.23
                      Fixed a small bug in the de-initialization function, that used to cause the symbols switch tool not to work properly.
                      I didn't make any changes on TDO basic formula. It is still the same.
                      I didn't make any changes in indicator parameters or buffers.
                      Version 9.0 2019.12.28
                      1. Enhanced TDO code to be much more faster.
                      2. Decreased indicator buffers from ten to six.
                      3. Deleted Max Candles to Draw parameter, so , the indicator appear on all the chart.
                      4. Added a background to the Martingale Panel.
                      5. Added the option to show channels as shaded area or as lines.
                      6. Enhanced the messages code.
                      7. Enhanced the colors list.

                      I didn't make any changes on TDO basic formula. It is still the same. Changes are for objects and indicator functions like (loops, ifs, for...etc).
                      Version 8.0 2019.10.16
                      What is new in TDO user to version 8.0:

                      1- You can show or hide TDO Panel and Buttons by clicking on Shift + A / D.
                      2- You can switch between four beautiful and well-designed Color Lists. Or you can use your own color list by choosing the (Do Nothing) choice.
                      3- You can send Mobile Notification or emails and if anything gets wrong you will receive a note in the terminal's journal.
                      4- Indicator objects now change their size automatically by depending on screen resolution.
                      5- Made inputs much more user friendly.
                      6- Made a revision to the code to make sure that there are no bugs.
                      Version 7.1 2019.07.18
                      You can now increase/decrease all buttons font size. This new feature is good for:

                      1. Those who use brokers with nonstandard symbols list. (ex: EURUSDecn, GBPUSDecn,...etc).

                      2. Those who want to enlarge their screen resolution through the windows (Customize Sizing Options).

                      I am now releasing version 7.1 and this project have been around MQL5 since 2015. I hope you can find it profitable for you as it was for me.
                      Version 7.0 2019.06.16
                      1. Enhanced TDO calculation method for a better use with iCustom() to build EAs and indicators depending on TDO.
                      2. Organized TDO parameters in a better style.
                      3. Opened the limits for (First TDO Period [Min =1]) parameters. This reduced the number of warning messages for wrong inputs in the previous version.
                      4. Changed the Channels period to 1000. This make TDO channels a very good trend filter.
                      Version 5.0 2018.10.09
                      1. Enhanced TDO calculation method.
                      2. Organized TDO parameters in a better style.
                      3. Enhanced the Round Number Grid calculation method.
                      4. Added sub levels to the Round Number Grid.
                      5. Added what I call Zig Zone Levels to easily capture support & resistance.
                      Version 4.0 2018.07.23
                      1.1. Added a "Symbol Switch Panel" to make it easy for user to switch between different charts.
                      1.2. "Symbol Switch Panel" can be from User inputs or from Market Watch window.
                      1.3. "Symbol Switch Panel" can change chart for current window or open it in a new one.
                      1.4. User can use "Symbol Switch Panel" to change current chart time frame.
                      1.5. User control the number of buttons on "Symbol Switch Panel". He can make them appear on main chart or TDO window.
                      2.1 Added a "Price Channel".
                      2.2 User can choose between "Standard Deviation" or "Linear Regression" channels.
                      2.3 User can draw channels as a ray or make them as background.
                      3.1 Added a "Price Grid".
                      3.2 User can choose between "Automatic Grid" and "Customer Grid".
                      3.3 User can multiply distance between grid levels.
                      Version 3.1 2018.04.27
                      1. Made a revision to the code to make sure that there are no bugs.
                      2. Made inputs much more user friendly.
                      3. Added arrow signals to follow the trend.
                      4. Added a multi time period panel.
                      5. Made shadow with color when trend is strong.
                      6. Added alerts when a new arrow appear.
                      7. Added alerts when multi time period panel is in-line.
                      Version 1.4 2016.01.04
                      In this version I tested the code and fixed all possible logical errors. The code now is more clear than before.