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Veles Triger Zone

The indicator uses stochastic analysis of price movements. It helps to identify position entry zones. Depending on the settings, it either shows wave formation or their completion. It is especially good in highlighting entry zones for scalper trades (zones 1 and -1 in fig.1, 2 Sell zones on M15 are highlighted). When used on different timeframes at a time, or strict heavy and light parameters, it shows almost 90%-probability trade entries (Figure 2 clarifies Sell trade entry on M5 timeframe, there is no entry in the first zone of M15).

Description of the parameters:

  • PeriodTrigger1 - first trigger period
  • PeriodTrigger2 - second trigger period
  • SlTrigger - smoothing of both triggers, min 2
  • Method - the averaging method of the second trigger line
  • UseMain - use only the first trigger (true)
  • Level1 - trigger switch level in the direct signal
  • Level2 - trigger switch level in the reverse signal
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