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The strategy is based on my own custom indicators as well as some default built-in indicators in the terminal. Being combined, they produce accurate signals, so that most of the trades are successful. An important factor in the EA operation is that there is no need to calculate the price velocity. So it doesn't matter for the robot, what the price speed is during the signal generation, and when opening deals in a quiet market, the risk of slippage is much lower. This reduces the trading conditions requirements, not all brokers are able to offer the best conditions.

Key Characteristics of the EA:

  • It is neither a scalper, nor arbitrage, nor a martingale.
  • The EA was not adjusted to the history through optimization.
  • It uses one of the most complicated strategies that only is suitable for the most experienced traders. But you do not have to understand all the details of the strategy. Simply run the robot on a chart, and it will do the rest automatically.

The strategy is developed for EURUSD (with any prefixes, like EURUSD.f etc.). It cannot be used on other pairs. Chart period- H1.

Attention! Be sure to observe the currency pair and timeframe requirements.


  • Instant order execution - ECN
  • Trouble-free connection to the server - VPS
  • Currency pair - EURUSD
  • Chart timeframe - H1


  • AStoploss - a drop down list of available functions for placing stop orders:
    • SL_Pips - stop loss calculated in pips
    • SL_Dinamic - stop loss calculated automatically in accordance with the trading strategy (recommended)
  • Stoploss - sop loss distance (it must be a valid value even if the stop loss size is calculated automatically)
  • TakeProfit - take profit distance
  • ModifyTP - as the stop order is trailed, he profit order will be moved away from thr price allowing to increase profits
  • UseTral - a drop down list of available functions for order trailing functions:
    • TR_No - trailing is not used
    • TR_Pips - in points (recommended)
    • TR_Parabolic - Parabolic SAR based trailing
  • TrailStart - trailing start
  • StepTrall - trailing step
  • StopLevel - the breakeven function
  • NoLoss - distance from the price at which the order is moved to breakeven (if StopLevel is enabled)
  • MinProfitNoLoss - minimum profit to move to breakeven
  • MM - automated money management
  • Lot - fixed lot value if MM = false
  • RiskPercent - risk % of deposit used to calculate the order size if MM = true
  • Slippage - maximum allowable slippage
  • Spread - maximum allowable spread, the EA will not trade above that
  • Magic - identifier of orders

Below is the of parameters of the additional indicator unit, you may further optimize these parameters. If you do not understand all these details, use the robot with the default settings.

  • UseMACD = whether to use MACD
  • Period_MACD = indicator period
  • MACDFast = fast MACD period
  • MACDSlow = slow MACD period
  • MACDSignal = signal MACD period
  • MACDPrice = price used to plot the indicator (Close, Open, Average, etc.)
  • UseSAR = use of Parabolic SAR
  • Period_SAR = indicator period
  • SARStep = price change step
  • SARMaximum = maximum price change step

The strategy has been working since 2010. Before this time the strategy was not consistent with market conditions.

Attention! "Every tick" mode is required for testing. If you want to test the robot on open prices, set AStoploss parameter to SL_Pips. This is due to the fact that the robot cannot understand price change during bar formation based on the open prices.

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Version 2.0 - 2015.12.08
Separate EA units revised.