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The Expert Advisor's operation begins with initial order type selection.

A market order is set. It is accompanied by an opposite pending order having a lot three times bigger than the first one at the distance of 'step' points. After it is triggered, a new pending order with a size two times bigger than the last one is set, and so on.

You can set a distance between orders, as well stop loss and take profit at your discretion.

The EA trades on any timeframe and currency. Volatile pairs are recommended. The EA trades only currency symbols!


  • StartType - initial order type, 0 - BUY, 1 - SELL
  • Lots - initial lot
  • Factor_First - lot multiplier of the first pending order
  • Factor_Next - subsequent lot multiplier
  • SL - stop loss level
  • Step - distance between orders (at which pending orders are placed) in points
  • TP - take profit level
  • Slip - slippage
  • Magic - magic number
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