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Gendhis Scalper

Gendhis Scalper is a fully automated Expert Advisor that works by observing speed of price movements with Bollinger Band Filter.

This EA use Pending in Upper or Lower Bollinger Band for search breakout price.

This EA design for EURUSD or GBPUSD only

How It Works?

Gendhis Scalper uses bollinger band and price movement speed. This EA works by observing the speed price movement in each candle to look for breakout points.

Below is a logic for an entry or exit point:

Entry Point

  • Logic Order BuyStop : If bearish candle, and Ask Price break lower bollinger band.
  • Logic Order SellStop : If bulish candle, and Bid Price break Upper bollinger Band

Close Order

For an exit point, you can use a standart take profit and stop loss with a breakeven or you can use a trailing stop method.


  • Not all brokers are suited to run this EA.
  • Only a broker with a tight spread, tight stop level and order execution time of less than 100 milliseconds.


  • 5 digit broker.
  • It is recommended to use an ECN broker with a low spread and fast execution.
  • The minimum leverage is 1:300.


  • Magic Number : Any number that differs from other EA's numbers running at the same time.
  • ECN ACCOUNT : Set it true if your account is ECN
  • Fixed Lots : only used if UseMM (money management) is set to false.
  • Order Comment : Comment for order.
  • Slipage Order : Setting for slippage order.
  • Max Spread in pips : Maximum spread can be allowed for EA to trade ( in pips )
  • Take Profit in pips : TakeProfit from as many pips.
  • Stop Loss in pips : Stop loss from as many pips.
  • Use Trailling : Set it to true to use trailing.
  • Start Trailling in pips : Distance from an order price to start trailing (in pips).
  • Delete Pending in Next Candle : Delete pending order if candle change
  • Bolinger Band Period : Bollinger Band Period to filter order.
  • Bolinger Deviation : Bollinger Band Deviation to filter order.
  • Use Money Management : Set it True to use auto Lots Size.
  • Risk percentage : Risk setting in percentage of the balance, for 10.0 the risk is 10% of the balance.
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