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Exacte Irimoto

This is an efficient price movement indicator, suitable for both beginners and experienced traders.


  • SMAPeriod - MA period in the indicator formula
  • MAPeriod - Moving Average period
  • MAShift - Moving Average shift
  • Delta - a variable parameter in the indicator formula


A short position can be opened where MA crosses the Main line downwards, and a long position can be opened in the reverse intersection.

Better wait for the confirmation in the form of arrows (analyze the first arrow, the larger the distance - the weaker the signal).

Good results are shown when used together with support and resistance lines (tip: do not open a position in the direction of the nearest line when the price approaches it).

It can be used with your favorite indicators.

It is not recommended to set Delta above 300 for daily timeframes and above 30 for M15.

Avoid opening positions during high volatility.

Good luck!

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