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Trading Strategy

The expert system analyses the local trend and awaits the rollback of the price against the detected trend. The history period for searching for the trend and rollback is specified in the settings, the settings allow to specify custom parameters for buys and sells. The Expert Advisor does not make any time gaps on history, woks on the full history base. The Expert Advisor does not use Martingale of grid, the maximum amount of orders in one direction is two. Real Take Profit and Stop Loss are used together with virtual ones for safety reasons.

The expert system is designed in a way that the ticks do not have key value. This is done due to the fact that the tick history in the tester is not real but generated (although with maximum approximation to the real tick history). This construction is implemented by using sampling of the active operations per one minute. That is, no active operation (except safety stops) can not be performed in the body of a minute, active operations are executed by open prices.

The EA has been tested using all modes: every tick, breakpoints, open prices. The algorithm uses nothing the would differ from the test during live trading. Despite the fact that the MetaTrader 5 tester performs testing not on real ticks, the testing result is still a basis for evaluation of the robot. The reason is the comparison test: one day in the tester is identical to the one day in live trading.


Rating of the currency pairs for the expert system: EURUSD;USDJPY;AUDUSD;EURGBP;USDCAD;GBPUSD;EURJPY;USDCHF.

For the optimization to be correct, it is necessary to leave only one currency pair and one direction (buy or sell) enabled (i.e. all parts need to be optimized individually. Optimize for 3 years, the Custom parameter.


When testing on a demo account, choose an account with netting system of position accounting (one symbol can have only one position). Account without hedging should be selected for testing on a demo account. Also, consider this fact when opening an account for live trading. Test on control points (or all ticks) on the М1 period for maximum correctness. For testing use the access.metatrader5.com:443 server (it has the full history), the instruction for testing is in the attached picture.


The following are the parameters that define the operation modes of the expert (in general):
  • NameSettings – Allows to specify the name for the setting.
  • SelfPeriod – Sets the EA operation period.
  • WorkOpeningPrices – Activates sampling of the active operations by opening prices.
  • LotDigits – Rounding for the lot (2-0.01 ; 1-0.1 ; 0-1.0).
  • Risk – Sets the lot depending on the deposit (per $1000 at Risk=1000, lot is 0.01 (at LotDigits=2)).
  • MulLotLimit – Limiting the maximum lot size (multiples relative to the initial one).
  • DrawDown – Virtual Stop Loss, % of the balance (drawdown by funds), at which the order is closed.

Personalized settings that differ in numbers in suffixes (for the number of the currency pair) and indication to buy and sell:

  • SpeedControl – Enables or disables spread control, specified in the LimitAvgSpread parameter.
  • LimitAvgSpread – For the correct operation of the EA, specify the average spread multiplied by 2.**
  • On – Enables or disables the block (by symbol and direction to buy or sell)
  • Inversion – Sets the operation direction, false - by channel, true - by trend (by channel is more effective).
  • MulLotBuy – Lot multiplier for an impact trade.
  • * StepToo – Step for placing an impact trade. [55..377]**
  • * LengthLine – The number of bars to analyze rollbacks. [34..377]
  • * MulTrend – How many times the number of bars to determine the trend is greater than the number of bars for the analysis of rollbacks. [8..21]
  • TakeProfitReal – Take Profit - real.**
  • * TakeProfitVirtual – Take Profit - virtual. [0.001..1.0]
  • StopLossReal – Stop Loss - real.**
  • StopLossVirtual – Stop Loss - virtual.
  • BreakevenReal – Breakeven level - real.**
  • TrailingStartReal – Trailing Start - real.**
  • MulTrailingStopReal – Multiplier for the Trailing Stop relative to the Trailing Start.**

* Specified are the parameters which need to be optimized, and the optimization boundaries.

** All fields related to the price are specified in pips (for 5-digit quotes).

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Version 1.2 2016.07.01
Due to the changes in the terminal, here is the new version of the expert, which takes all the changes into account. Added check, for correct operation, only works on netting accounts (one symbol can have only one position). Found and fixed a few bugs.