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The Expert Advisor is based on two moving averages defining trading area with MACD filter. Trading is performed on M5 at four symbols EURUSD, USDJPY, GBPUSD, and AUDUSD using the same parameters. The default settings are used. The amount of trades per year is optimally small, 1-2 trades per month. The profit is managed by a number of opened orders and a lot size. Trading quality is defined by upper and lower borders of the trading area. The EA trades on both dollar and cent accounts.

Attention! The parameters are displayed in pips. Consider the difference between pips and points (at some brokers, pips=point, while at others, point=10 pips).

  • magiс number - EA identifier
  • Stoploss - stop loss
  • TakeProfit - profit
  • Lots - lot size
  • UseMoneyManagement - risk management; if set to false (default), the lot value is not changed
  • MaximumRisk - risk 20%
  • DecreaseFactor - open position volume decrease ratio (relative to the volume of the previous position)
  • MaxOrders - number of simultaneously opened orders
  • rastr - lower border of the trading area
  • rst_max - upper border of the trading area
  • fl - flag parameter (indents from support/resistance lines of the trading area)
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Version 2.1 - 2016.04.06
All symbols are disabled, except "EURUSD","USDJPY","AUDUSD","GBPUSD"
Changed description of variables in the EA settings.
Optimized logic.