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The Expert Advisor uses mathematical analysis of searching for market entries.

It works on all main symbols.

The EA features additional filters (WPR, ATR and MA)

and automatic position volume calculation in percentage of a deposit.

It can work together with other EAs, managing only its own position.

The EA can run on several instruments simultaneously.

The EA is able to work well both with small accounts and with large deposits.


  • Entry signals parameters:
    • iPeriod - system analysis period.
    • Signal - entry signal value.
    • Use_Signal_ATR - enable ATR in entry signals.
    • ATR_Signal - ATR signal value.
    • WPR_Period - WPR period.
    • WPR_Level - WPR level (distancing from extreme values).
    • ATR_Period - ATR period.
    • ATR_Max - ATR filter value.
    • MA_Period - MA Period.
    • MA_Filtr - MA filter value.
    • Fast_Signal - enable signal multiplicity.
    • Use_WPR - enable WPR filter.
    • Use_ATR - enable ATR filter.
    • Use_MA - enable MA filter.
  • Use_PendingOrder - enable pending orders.
  • Use_PendingTrailing - enable pending order trailing.
  • PendingOpen - distance in the symbol points to open a pending order.
  • PendingTrailingStep - trailing step for a pending order in the symbol points.
  • TakeProfit - the desired position profit level in points.
  • StopLoss - the stop loss level for a position in points.
  • Use_PositionTrailing - enable trailing of an open position.
  • Open position trailing parameters in points:
    • TrailingStart
    • TrailingStop
    • TrailingStep
  • Lot - fixed volume of a position, used if auto lot calculation is disabled.
  • Use_MM - enable the automatic calculation of the position volume.
  • Pct_MM - percentage of free margin for the automatic lot calculation.
  • Use_INFO - enable information display on the chart.
  • ECN - type of the account used, TRUE is recommended.
  • SpreadLimit - maximum allowed spread in points.
  • Slippage - maximum allowed price slippage.
  • ExpertID - a unique number of positions opened by the EA, used when other EAs simultaneously run on the same account.
  • Order_Comment - comment to positions opened by the EA.

For any questions or trade recommendations, please send me a private message or an email (email address is specified in the EA).

fozia algdiri
2016.08.25 06:08 

السلام عليكم : لقد اشتريته منذ زمن بعيد اكثر من سنة ولكن بسبب جهلي استخدامه كانت هناك خسائر ، حينما اتبعت خطوات تشغيله تحولت الخسائر الى ارباح ، اعطي هذا الخبير 5 نجوم يستاهل الخبير

Aleksey Odinokov
2016.07.14 14:34 

работает только на тесте! на реале, сливает депозит!

2016.07.08 20:01 

It is a profitable expert.

2016.03.08 14:05 

Been using this EA since the beginning of January. It simply does NOT work on a live account. Testing will show you that you'll be a millionaire in a few months. Put it on a live account and it's consistent losses. Tried everything. different low spread brokers, optimized it. just losses.

2016.02.10 13:50 

Expert working profitably on a real account.

No errors.

Fast reaction.

Well done!

2016.02.05 14:49 

Extremely bad expert. back test is not happened in real never and never.

Version 1.3 - 2016.06.22
- Improved the quality of entry and exit signals.
- Significantly reduced the impact of spread expansion and slippage on the EA operation.
- Added new signal filter.
- Changed the input variables, see the EA description.
- Recommended chart timeframes to attach the EA are лю1, лю5, лю15, лю30.
Version 1.2 - 2016.01.28
Ability to set virtual stop levels.
The option of EA operation in reverse direction.

New parameters:
Reverse_Trade - enable EA operation in reverse direction.
Use_VirtualStop - enable EA operation with virtual stops.
VirtualTakeProfit - value of the virtual TakeProfit level.
VirtualStopLoss - value of the virtual StopLoss level.

When working with virtual levels, the real TakeProfit and StopLoss also placed, so it is logical to specify the values of the virtual stop levels less than the real TakeProfit and StopLoss levels.
Version 1.1 - 2015.11.10
Some fixes to provide correct operation on accounts with STOP LEVEL restrictions.