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Verdure Currency Strength Pair

This robust implementation of currency strength uses unique algorithms in computing the strength/weakness of all the major currencies (USD, EUR, CAD, JPY, GBP, NZD, AUD and CHF) in Forex. Our currency strength indicators are RSI based indicators that is backed by solid mathematical and statistical computation involving a robust method of determining statistical median of a sample.

We have four products under our currency strength/weakness belt. Each of these products are great in their own right. What these products offer is a variety of options that will fit into your style of trading. Whichever way you love to track the STRENGTH/WEAKNESS of the major currencies, there is always an option to pick from while enjoying the same great benefits. It will amaze you how these indicators clearly present a complete view of the ENTIRE FOREX market at any given period of time.

This version only shows currency strength/weakness for a single currency pair

Currency strength products

  1. Ultimate strength differential series
  2. Verdure currency strength series

Advantages of USD series

  • Visual Presentation: Line Graph
  • Displayed on separate window
  • Extended view: Because it is presented an a line graph, patterns and progression can be easily spotted at a glance
  • Easy to read, interpret and compare multiple continuous data

Advantages of verdure currency strength series

  • Visual Presentation: Linear Colour Gradient Graph (Red to Green)
  • Displayed on a panel
  • Values are displayed alongside with the graph which facilitate easy interpretation
  • Visually appealing aesthetic design


  1. Accurate and real time update of strength/weakness
  2. Alert, Email or Mobile Push Notifications are generated for every trade opportunity across 28 pairs from a single chart (Verdure Currency Strength Matrix and Ultimate Strength Differential Premium Edition). Alert, Email or Mobile Push Notifications can be configured from the input tab.
  3. Data is presented with great granularity on a scale ranging between 0 and 100 so you a able to track the minutest change in strength/weakness
  4. You no longer need to watch many charts to know where the Forex Market is heading. You effectively have one indicator to trade all 28 currency pairs (Verdure Currency Strength Matrix and Ultimate Strength Differential Premium Edition) on a single chart by following how the strength of one currency diverges/converges from another.
  5. Indicators can be used on ALL timeframes
  6. Access to buffer data through iCustoms as standard for EA developers. This is a joker as it makes it really easy for automation.

How to use in trading

For a particluar currency e.g EURUSD, when the strength of the base currency (EUR) is greater than the quote currency (USD) by a value set in strengthdiff, place a buy order for EURUSD. When the strength of the strength of the quote currency (USD) is greater than the base currency (EUR) by value set in strengthdiff, place a sell order for EURUSD.

You can configure alerts, email and mobile push notification for these events.


  1. Make sure the MARKET WATCH is visible (From View Menu, select 'Market Watch' or use keyboard shortcut Ctrl+M)
  2. Make sure all FOREX symbols are present in MARKET WATCH (Right click any symbol in Market Watch, point to 'Sets' and Click 'forexall')
  3. Open the chart you want to place the indicator on (Right click the symbol on Market Watch and click 'Chart Window')
  4. Make sure the chart view is on the most recent bar (Click 'Chart Shift' on Charts Toolbar)
  5. Drag the indicator from the Navigator unto the EURUSD chart and edit input parameters to suit you
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