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Apex Scalper

A unique algorithm that detects emerging supply and demand areas as they evolve and then enters positions into the Forex market at these levels. Trades are based on price action around supply and demand areas.

Does NOT use any martingale, grid, arbitrage, or hedging components.

Trades are always protected by a preventive Stop Loss.

Intelligent Exits Features

  • Break Even loss prevention.
  • Smart Trailing Stop.
  • Multiple target profit exit. target profits are spaced out every x pips.

Safety Features

  • Volatility Protection. Orders are withdrawn from the market if Max Volatility is exceeded on the 1 minute timeframe. This is to prevent toxic high spread/slippage environments.
  • Toxic Spread Protection. Orders are withdrawn from the market if Max the current spread is too high. This is to prevent toxic high spread/slippage environments. Trades are not placed again until the average spread drops to an acceptable level.
  • Orders are only returned to the market during low spread/ low volatility environments. This is KEY to any scalping algorithm.
  • Broken Trade Check to ensure Apex Scalper never leaves a trade unprotected. Critical Function for any serious trader.

Apex Scalper operates on the 1 Hour timeframe. On currency pairs with low spread.


  • Choose Money Management - Choose between Fixed lots and Dynamic lots sizing.
  • Risk Setting - Risk setting to be used with dynamic lot sizing.
  • Fixed Lot Size - Fixed lot size if Fixed lots is selected above.
  • Max Spread Avg - Maximum average spread (last 20 ticks) allowed before pending orders will be placed in the market.
  • Max Volatility - Maximum volatility allowed before orders are removed from the market.
  • Max # of Orders Replaced - Maximum number of orders that will be replaced after weekends or toxic spread/volatility.
  • Max Pending Orders - Maximum number of pending orders allowed in the market at one time.
  • Max Order Distance - Maximum distance allowed for orders re-entered into the market. Measured in pips.
  • Order Offset - Distance in pips to offset the entry orders from Supply and Demand areas.
  • Target Profit - Target profit in pips.
  • Use Break Even - Set 'true' to use break even function.
  • BE Activation Pips - Break even will be activated at this many pips into profit.
  • Initial Stop Loss - Initial Stop Loss in pips.
  • Trailing Stop - Trailing Stop in pips.
  • TS Activation - Trailing Stop will be activated at this many pips into profit.
  • Trailing Step - Increment to move Stop Loss. Example 0.5 pips. The Trailing Stop will move every 0.5 pips into profit.
  • Multiple Entry Orders - When 'true' multiple orders will be placed with multiple target profits spaced at x pips.
  • Number of orders to open - This many orders with this many target profits will be placed.
  • Target Profit Spacing - Multiple target profits (If Multiple Entry Orders = 'true') will be spaced out this many pips.
  • Friday Exit Hour - All pending orders will be removed from the market at this hour on Friday. Choose 1-24.
  • Order Expiration Minutes - Set to 0 unless your broker requires an expiration time be sent with pending orders.
  • Max Order Retry - Maximum attempts for entering or deleting orders.
  • Initial Balance - Choose the entire account balance or a specified balance for Apex Scalper to use for trading.
  • Specified Balance - If 'Specified Balance' is chosen above, set the specified balance for Apex Scalper to use.
  • Broker Digits - Choose 4 or 5 digits. 5 digit brokers are highly recommended.
  • Enable Broken Trade Check - Checks every tick for any problems with trades. For example a lost Internet connection, context busy, Market moved before Stop Loss could be placed, etc.
  • Delete Orders When EA is Removed - If 'true', All pending orders will be removed from the market when the EA is removed from the chart or re-initialized.
  • User Defined Tag - Tag to be sent in the comment section of orders. Can be changed by the user.
  • Magic Number - Magic number for Apex Scalper. If running more than one instance on the same account be sure to use a unique number for each.
Choose a broker with Minimum Stop Levels of 0.
For Maximum performance with Apex Scalper, it is strongly recommended to use a fast connection to your broker. Preferably a VPS located close to your brokers trade servers.
2017.10.26 16:52 

Backtest results are very well, but real account is different.

Jesús Torres
2017.08.25 18:05 

I have tried about 10-11 scalpers, cheaper and more expensive than Apex. To this day in scalper I only use APEX.

It is very stable, fast to optimize and has all kinds of options to ensure your trade, has SL, TP, Break Even etc ...

Where I work best is in XAUUSD and EURJPY

If you like scalpers, this one can really like you. Dejare Sets in the product forum