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Universal Mechanic

The Universal Mechanic Expert Advisor is based on the analysis of tick volumes.

It works on any instrument that has the Volume data (iVolume returns non-null data). Any timeframe from M5.

The author uses it on USD-based currency pairs.

The severity of order opening conditions is regulated by paRiskLevel parameters.

Terms of the order closing depend on the eqScalperLevel parameter.

Input parameters:

  • EA_Number - serial number of the installed instance of the EA to the account. It is used to generate unique MagicNumber.
  • eqScalperLevel - parameter determines the level of the criteria to the conditions of closing deals. A value of 10 is converted the EA to scalper. 0 - closing transactions when anti-conditions occur.
  • mcLots - fixed lot
  • mcMaxMarginPerc - limit margin as a percentage of equity. If the margin exceeds this level - new orders can not be opened.
  • odMaxSpread - the maximum value of the current spread, as a condition for opening orders.
  • paDirect - Changing the EA logic on opposite.
  • paRiskLevel - parameter determines the level of criteria for the conditions of order opening. A value of 0 - transactions are rarely opened. With a value of 10 - often, and thus a great risk.

Recommended parameters on dollar currency pairs:

  • eqScalperLevel=0
  • mcMaxMarginPerc=10
  • paDirect=true
  • paRiskLevel=6
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