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Heiken Ashi on Moving Averages MT5

The indicator analyzes the price using Heiken Ashi candle generation principles. However, the moving averages (rather than OHLC prices) are used as input data. Besides, the result is additionally smoothed by averaging. 26 types of moving averages can be used for input data and result:

Simple Moving Average, Exponential Moving Average, Smoothed Moving Average, Linear Weighted Moving Average, Sine Weighted Moving Average, Triangular Moving Average, Least Square Moving Average (or EPMA, Linear Regression Line), Wilder Exponential Moving Average, Hull Moving Average, Zero-Lag Exponential Moving Average, Double Exponential Moving Average, T3 (original version), Instantaneous Trendline by J. Ehlers, Moving Median, Geometric Mean, Regularized EMA, Integral of Linear Regression Slope, Combination of LSMA and ILRS, Triangular Moving Average, Volume Weighted Moving Average, Smoothing by Mark Jurik, Simplified SMA, Arnaud Legoux Moving Average, Triple Exponential Moving Average, T3 (correct version), Laguerre filter by J. Ehlers.


  • PricePeriod - input data averaging period
  • PriceMethod - input data averaging method
  • SmoothingPeriod - smoothing period for final values
  • SmoothingMethod - smoothing method for final values
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