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Robot Miner

Automated trading system that runs on a 5 minute chart.

STP-ECN accounts (5 characters), the initial deposit - $ 100.

Robot Miner is a stable system, implementing the author's approach and vision of the market. The most efficient market-based indicators are combined into an integrated trading system. A small number of settings allows you in a few seconds to start the robot and go take care of business!

The main advantages of the robot:

  • Always uses a short stop-loss, it protects a sudden loss.
  • Uses a trailing stop to maximize profit.
  • Built-in filter of the flat.
  • Not resource demanding, trades good on a VPS.
  • Minimum settings.

Adjustable parameters:

  • Sensivity: Parameter responsible the for the sensitivity to market volatility. The lower, the more sensitive and more transactions. The higher, the better the deal. Recommended range from 2 to 10. Important! For a real account set set exactly in 2 times more than in the tester, it will improve the quality of transactions.
  • FlatRange: Filter of flat. It excludes trades in a range. The recommended value is 500, can be changed.
  • MAXSpread: Protection from wide spread. If the current spread is above this value, the robot does not trade. Recommended 20-30.
  • LotSizeMultiplier: Responsible for the size of the position. The higher, the greater the volume of transactions and the profit\loss. You can change from 0.01 to 0.5.
  • OrderMagic: Id of the robot's orders, you can use any value.

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