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GJ TrendingBnS

GJ TrendingBnS works only with GBPJPY. It is a well-conceived idea that GBPJPY is one of the highly volatile currency pairs in the market but with a difference. Having studied the characteristic and patterns of this currency pair, the GJ TrendingBnS EA was created to handle this currency pair and maximize its potentials for the benefits of the users of this EA. It works on generally upper and lower trend, so it doesn't open mixed orders for a lengthy period in the direction of the trend until the market generally assumes the opposite direction.

System tools

This EA uses three effective and customized averages to determine the major price direction and the best entry point into the market.


The best result producing time frame is 1-Hour (H1), although it also works well on H4-time frame but we derive a better result on H1. Anyway, with your Broker and price difference, it may work better on H4. Feel free to test the waters first before settling for one.

Parameters setting

Nothing much to tweak or reset here even for other tested time frames. Only the lot size may need to be increased or reduced according to your account type and size. No complexity, just a few parameters to work with and it is all done.

  • Take profit for Order = 200
  • Stop Loss for the Order = 150
  • Default Lot size = 0.10 You can change it according to your account type and size
  • Percent of Free margin = 45.0 Free margin at which the EA will stop trading when breached

Other inherent features are:

  • This EA system trades once in a day selecting the best out of many signals that may occur during the trading period.
  • Trades from the opening of the market (Asian Session) to the closing of the same and rest when the market is closed in the night (the end of the European season).
  • Currency Lock: This EA has been locked with GBPJPY currency to avoid unnecessary loss.
  • Free Margin: The free margin is 45% to prevent account wipe-out and EA will stop trading when it reaches this point.

Thanks for your time and interest as you download this EA for your use.

Feel free to contact me for any inquiries.

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