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Trend Grid

Trend Grid EA is Auto Grid System

Strategy: Using some indicators to determine the trend then waiting market roll-backs to open the trade, if Profit = Smart Profit (10 pips): Close a trade.

If market continues to roll-back, using Grid (Distance of 2 orders: 50 pips) to trade following the trend, when all profit = Smart Profit (10 pips): Close all trades. If the trend is changed and Loss=Maxdrawdown (30%): Close all trades.

The EA is most efficient with 3 pairs: EURUSD, GBPUSD, USDJPY.

Recommend: Fixed lot: 0.01 with $5 000 balance, run with 3 pairs at the same time.

The EA using Max Drawdown and SmartProfit to close and no need StopLoss and TakeProfit. (hide SL and TP)


  • Profit, StopLoss in points
  • TrailingStop - TrailingStop is active when Profit (In Points)=TrailingStop + Grid and SmartCloseOrders > 1;
  • MaxTrades - 1-100 belongs to balance and traders' taste of risk
  • Grid - Distance between two trades (at least in points)
  • Lots - fixed lot
  • Multi - Lots of next trade = current Lots x Multi
  • SmartCloseOrders - ordinal number of orders, from this order the SmartProfit is activated
  • SmartProfit - When Profit =SmartProfit: Close all trades
  • Drawdown - When loss = Drawdown  x balance: Close all trades
  • MaxSpread - When Spread > MaxSpread: Do not open trade.
  • StartHour, EndHour - Trading time

You can change parameters: TrailingStop, Multi, SmartCloseOrders, SmartProfit, Grid, and Drawdown you will have many different results, 

Happy trading!

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