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Expert Trail System

This EA is designed to trade volatile breakouts, and quickly locks profits once the position starts going to the desired direction.

It has an intelligent trailing stop system intended to lock but not limit the amount of profit in a trade.

This trading system has been working exceptionally well for more than 5 years in the EURUSD in several timeframes, and the EA has been delivering consistent profits during all this period.

Key Features:

  • Backtesting:5+ years of consistent profits.
  • Advanced profit taking technique has shown a high win ratio.
  • No Martingale.
  • Trades always open with tight stop losses.
  • Max 2 positions at a time.
  • As always, our EAs are designed for easy setup. No complex inputs. Just plug and trade!
  • Risk defined by the user (Max risk recommendation: 0.2 lots per $1,000 in the account).


  • EA has shown profit in several currency pairs and timeframes. Nevertheless, we recommend users to trade the EURUSD in M30 timeframe.
  • Tight spreads/Low comissions increase overall performance substantially. We recommend ECN brokers with < 1 pip avg. spread.
  • Adjust lot sizes as equity increases/decreases. Do not overtrade!
  • Patience and control are key qualities of a successful trader. Focus on long-term results!
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Version 1.1 2015.10.28
- Added S/L, T/P and Expert Trailing Stop in the Inputs tab.
- Minor changes in the Description.