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VR Your Period

The indicator allows you to create and work on any chart timeframe - from 1 to 10 000 minutes.


  • Time Frame/Period - chart period is specified only in minutes, 1 hour = 60 minutes, 1 day = 1 440 minutes, etc.
  • Prefix - unique object label when launching multiple copies of the indicator. It should be different for each copy and is set as two letters.
  • Position Edit Period - Y-axis shift of the period edit panel. The parameter is used when launching two or more indicators simultaneously.
  • Distance - chart shift relative to the current one.
  • Body Fill - filling candle bodies with color.
  • To show the main candle? - show/hide a terminal chart
  • Bulls Color Body - bullish candle body color
  • Bears Color Body - bearish candle body color
  • Bulls Color Border - bullish candle border color
  • Bears Color Border - bearish candle border color
  • Width Border - candle border width
  • Start Time - candle data analysis start time.

The indicator can be launched in the strategy tester. In this case, a test start time should be set as Start Time. Recommended testing timeframe is М1.


The indicator is based on MetaTrader 4 platform's M1 candles. The older the Start Time parameter, the more M1 candles are to be converted by the indicator and the more new candles are to be drawn.

Processing large amounts of data may take time, so it is recommended to set Start Time not older than six months.

When launching the indicator, a chart's initial timeframe is changed to M1 with no ability to change it via the terminal buttons.

This is done to receive the most accurate data for calculating another period specified by a user in the input box or the indicator settings.

When installing any other indicators together with VR Your Period, custom and built-in indicators are calculated for М1, while VR Your Period candles and periods are not used.

The demo version limitations:

Only the Period (maximum 10) and Start Time parameters are present. Other settings are available in the full version.

The demo version can be found here.

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