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TradePanel Pro

This PRO version of the trading panel is an assistant for all those who use Money Management based on the stop loss size and portion of deposit used. This is a handy tool for those who wont to open orders without spending time on lot calculations. The risk value and stop loss can be set in the fields of the panel, thus reducing time required to find the desired lot. The values ​​are recalculated and updated with the arrival of every new tick.

The PRO version provides the advantage of using lot sharing. Suppose, the calculated lot is 0,18, and Open two orders? (Lot/2) is set to true, then the order will open two orders with the lot size 0,09 each. One of the orders is opened with a Take Profit equal to (Stop Loss + 2 points), taking into account the spread and commission. The second order is opened without Take Profit and is managed by pressing one of three buttons at the bottom of the panel.

The panel has the following adjustable parameters:

  • Setting Money Management
  • Use MM? - use or not money management. If set to false, orders are opened with a fixed lot given in settings.
  • Trade Lot if Use MM - false - lot size if Use MM? = false
  • Risk (%) per trade - initial percent of risk per trade
  • StopLoss - initial value of Stop Loss
  • Open two orders? (Lot/2) - this parameter divides a lot into two parts. If set to true, the lot is divided into two orders
  • Calculation a Lot of - the trading lot will be calculated based on this part of account. Three options: Free margin, Balance or Equity
  • Color setting - parameters of the panel appearance
  • Color SELL button
  • Color BUY button
  • Background color EDIT - the background color of the input fields (% and points) and of lot
  • Color SL:TP - the color of the buttons that place take profit relative to stop loss
  • Background color % and pips - the background color of the panel part where input fields are located (% and points)
  • Setting the location of the panel - positioning and other parameters
  • Graph corner for attachment - the corner of the chart where the panel will be located
  • Coordinate X
  • Coordinate Y
  • Coefficient SL:TP - It has three adjustable coefficients
  • Magic Number - a unique magic number
  • Magic Number for Save - the magic number for an order with a Take Profit

If you have any questions concerning the product, please feel free to send me a private message or add a comment.

Gregg Andrew Koch
Gregg Andrew Koch 2018.09.09 17:55 

Do NOT buy this useless product. Do NOT buy anything from this seller. He is running a scam. This product is a calculator not a "trade panel pro". The calculator does not work . You have been warned. Do NOT do business this fraudulent person.

Виталий Олексюк
Виталий Олексюк 2015.10.26 13:33 

Спасибо автору. Очень удобно.

Version 1.30 2018.09.24
1. Исправлена ошибка открытия ордеров при ММ = false. Стоплосс брался из настроек, а не из панели.
2. Добавлено визуальное представление выбранного типа манименеджмента: при включенном ММ поле ввода Лот недоступно; при выключенном ММ поле ввода Риск недоступно. Недоступные поля пересчитываются автоматически.
3. Добавлена дополнительная панель с отложенным ордерами. Панель можно скрыть нажатием по стрелке либо с помощью предустановленной Горячей клавиши '~'. Отложенный ордер устанавливается на заданном в настройках расстоянии от цены.
4. Добавлена Горячая клавиша для смены угла привязки панели. По умолчанию реагирует по нажатию на клавишу 's'.
5. Добавлена возможность включения простого трейлинг стопа. Соответствующие параметры добавлены во внешние настройки.
6. Добавлена возможность включения функции Безубыток. Соответствующие параметры добавлены во внешние настройки.
7. Обновлена цветовая гамма торговой панели.
8. Так же добавлена возможность совершения торговых операций в тестере стратегий.
Version 1.20 2017.02.09
Changed the data type for coefficients from Integer to Double. Now it is possible to set fractional values, for example: 1 to 2.5.
Version 1.10 2016.04.07
Fixed lot display when setting Use MM? parameter to 'false'.