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Enlightenment Standart

The Expert Advisor uses an averaging algorithm and martingale for losing trades.

General recommendations

For every 1,000 deposit use a lot of 0.01.

Settings are optimized for the M15 and M5 timeframe.

It is recommended to use VPS.

Monitoring real account: https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/118791

EA Settings

  • WaitInitialOrder: The EA will only follow orders opened manually.
  • CloseAll: Closes all open orders on chart and continues to trade (opens new orders).
  • ShutDown: After the closing of orders on the chart stops trading (new orders cannot be opened).
  • MaxDDPercent: The maximum drawdown on the balance, in which all orders are closed on chart. (default 25%).
  • MaxSpread: Not allow the EA to open orders if the current spread is greater than the set value (default 0 - off).
  • Opening First Order On Flat: Enable/disable opening of the first order on flat.
  • Filter trend on TF: It allows to filter signals according to trend on higher timeframes.
  • Trade Method: It takes two values: Conservative (signals are rare, but more accurate) and Aggressive (signals are very frequent and a large stress on the deposit). 
  • Lot: Define an initial lot for building a grid (default is 0.01).
  • Multiplier: ratio used to calculate the next lot (default is 1.4).
  • MaxTrades: Upon reaching values MaxTrades new orders will not open (default 10).
  • CloseTPPips: Takeprofit = Breakeven +/- CloseTPPips (default 50 pips).
  • Slip: The maximum slippage during opening and closing of orders (default 5).
  • displayColor: The color of the information displayed on the chart (default White).
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Version 2.2 - 2016.01.14
- Updated the Conservative and Aggressive algorithms.
- The "Opening First Order On Flat" parameter is no longer relevant and not used.
Version 2.1 - 2016.01.06
-Fixed: "Array out of range" in strategy tester.
-Fixed: Trend could be defined incorrectly in some cases.