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RIO Impulse Star

The multicurrency Expert Advisor RIO Impulse Star has been created for trading on reversal price impulse.

The EA trades using pending orders and searches for an impullse level of trend reversal.

Designed for M5-M15, it is recommended to use the default settings

It was developed and tested on 4 digit quotes.

It automatically adjusts to 5-digit accounts.

Please test the EA on a DEMO ACCOUNT before using it on a real account!

You can also test it in the Strategy Tester (on one pair) to understand the EA's logic.


  • _Symbols - specify names of 5 currency pairs you are going to trade:
    • Symbol_1="GBPUSD";
    • Symbol_2="EURUSD";
    • Symbol_3="AUDUSD";
    • Symbol_4="NZDUSD";
    • Symbol_5="USDCAD";
  • Continue or not after close all: stop or continue trading after closing all positions
  • Magic of EA: EA's magic number
  • OneDirection trade: trading in one direction when a signal comes
  • % of deposit for one pair: a part of the deposit to trade on one currency pair
  • % of % from deposit for one pair: percentage of the allocated deposit per one pair (if the deposit is 10,000 and % of deposit for one pair = 10, the allocated deposit per one pair is 1000, and we take 2% of 1000 to calculate an initial lot - 20 currency units)
  • On/Off MM: enable automated calculation of initial lot
  • % risk for 1st order: lot size distribution for the first order in %
  • % risk for 2nd order: lot size distribution for the second order in %
  • % risk for 3th order: lot size distribution for the third order in %
  • lots for orders (if MM is Off): if the MM is disabled, lot sizes should be specified below (if 0, the order will not be placed)
  • 1st order lot: for example, 0.05 or 0
  • 2nd order lot: for example, 0.02 or 0
  • 3th order lot: for example, 0.01 or 0
  • Number bars for calculating: the number of bars to analyze the signal
  • Number bars of Impulse: the number of bars in the impulse
  • Min. size Impulse (p.): minimum impulse size in price points
  • Max. size Impulse (p.): maximum impulse size in price points
  • Use LIMIT 1st order: use a Limit order instead of a Stop order for the first order
  • Use LIMIT 2nd order: use a Limit order instead of a Stop order for the second order
  • Use LIMIT 3th order: use a Limit order instead of a Stop order for the third order
  • Set LIMIT order on FIBO: set Limit orders at Fibo %
  • Target for 1st order on FIBO: Fibo based TP for the 1st order
  • Target for 2nd order on FIBO: Fibo based TP for the 2nd order
  • Target for 3th order on FIBO: Fibo based TP for the 3rd order
  • Trall On for 3th order from % FIBO: trailing start level when reaching the Fibo % for the 3rd order
  • TrallStep (p.): trailing step in points
  • If trall is ON, - Use TP for 3th order: use or remove 3rd order's TP when the trailing stop is on
  • Set NoLoss from % FIBO: enable breakeven when reaching Fibo %
  • NoLoss (p.): number of breakeven points
  • Delta (p.) (+spread) from 0% or 100% FIBO: distance from Fibo 0% or 100% to place pending orders
  • Martin level: reverse order multiplication factor
  • Level for alert: free margin level where the EA will close all positions with minimum possible profit
  • Close all if profit over ($): profit to close all positions of all pairs
  • How marks opened with gap positions: method of marking a pending order opened during spikes of the price
  • Show inform Panel: show information panel
  • Color background panel: panel background color
  • Color border panel: panel border color
  • Fontsize panel: panel font size
  • Color font panel: panel font color
  • Print Debug message: enable the EA's notification
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