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Actual Scalp Panel

Imagine how your intraday trading would change if you closed every day with a profit?

The product Actual Scalp Panel is another innovation in the series "Actual". It can help you to keep the discipline during intraday trading. It represents a panel which accumulates key trade rates of a financial instrument for the current day.

The panel allows taking decisions quickly considering already reached trade results, as all the important information is displayed tight on the chart! Here is how one should use this panel concentrating on a single instrument:

  • Watch the current position without stopping the chart analysis. On the panel you see the current profit for a minimal lot, the open price of the position, volume and direction. Is everything alright? Maybe it is time to fix the profit?
  • What is the financial result at the moment? Maybe the profit is good and it is time to have a rest? Or on the contrary, the loss is approaching a critical value, and you need to stop trading analyze today's mistakes?
  • Does the profit in points correspond with your financial result? Were you too careful or did you overload your deposit? Watch this rate and use the available liquidity wisely!
  • What is the total overturn? Probably you will be badly surprised with your broker commission. Or you just trade too much falling in a tilt? Watch this rate and stop when it is necessary.
  • Track the history of deals in a convenient way. What deals are prevailing? How was the last deal closed? What was its result in points? Control your results and don't allow the losses be big. Attention! The last deals are displayed on the top.

Everything is easy - green color in all the fields means a profit or a long position; and the red color means a loss or a short position.

Currently, the panel supports 2 languages - English and Russian. You can choose either of them in the parameters. If you want me to translate the product in another language, just send the translation and I will add it to the product so you can use it.

Sometimes there can be too many deals, so they do not fit the screen. In this case, use the parameter "Maximum number of displayed deals". At that, all the deals will be considered when estimating the results for the current day calculating the volume overturn.

Close every day with a profit, shorten you losses and let the profits come! Good luck in trading!

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