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Glonik is a Martingale with a stop loss and take profit.

The EA uses tight stops.


The recommended pair is EURUSD M5, lot 0.01, leverage 1:500, fixed spread - up to 2 points, deposit - 5 000 cents and higher ($50) for a cent account.

You can manage profitability by changing period, Lot, Stop Loss and Take Profit parameters.

The EA does not open many orders while in a drawdown. A new trade is performed only when a previously opened order is closed.

Only three parameters were used during the tests - Stop Loss, Take Profit and period. Other functions allow you to implement your own ideas and strategies.

The EA was tested from 2014.10.10 to 2015.10.10. That year saw big gaps and trends with no roll-backs. However, the EA did well and showed a drawdown of only -38.13%, while profitability comprised 10 361.87 of net profit out of 5 000. If we exclude dangerous months, the drawdown becomes even less. For example, it comprised only -6.50% for the last trading month.


  • Lots - initial deal volume
  • MaxLots - maximum deal volume
  • SL - stop loss (in points)
  • TP - take profit (in points)
  • MagicNumber - magic number (allowing the EA to distinguish its own deals)
  • slippage - allowed slippage
  • OnlyOneOpenedPos - only one open position at a time
  • AutoDigits - define the amount of decimal places in a price automatically
  • period - Moving Average period for the current bar
  • period_2 - Moving Average period for the previous bar
  • TrailingStop - fixed trailing stop. If 0, a trailing stop is disabled
  • TrailingStep - trailing step
  • NonLossProfitLevel - profit, after which a stop loss is moved to a breakeven. If 0, the function is disabled
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