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COG Candles AM

The product is based on J.F. Ehlers' Center of Gravity indicator. Center of Gravity actually has a zero lag and allows to define turning points precisely. The indicator is a result of Ehlers' research of adaptive filters. It identifies main pivot points almost without any lag. The idea of calculating a center of gravity appeared from the investigation of lags of different filters with the finite impulse response in accordance with the relative amplitude of filter coefficients. SMA (Simple Moving Average) is a filter, in which all coefficients have one and the same value. As a result, the center of gravity of SMA is an exact center of the filter.

The indicator colors candlesticks in accordance with COG data.

The indicator can take into account the changes relative to its previous value, as well as to zero.


  • indBarsCount - number of candles the indicator is displayed on. If 0, the indicator is displayed on all candles.
  • length - indicator calculation period.
  • MaPrice - price used to calculate the indicator.
  • COG_Moving - display changes of COG values relative to 0.
  • COG_Accelerator - display changes of COG values relative to its previous value.

The indicator does not repaint.

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Version 4.0 2016.08.03
Added auto correction of incorrect parameters.