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Engulfing Pattern EA

Engulfing Pattern EA is a result of extensive research and optimization of Bearish and Bullish Engulfing Price Action Patterns on 8 currency pairs, 10+ years and 1000+ different input combinations on each pair. Expert has predetermined SL and TP settings for each instrument and trades without breakevens or trailing stops. Engulfing Pattern Expert Advisor is optimized to trade on Daily charts, but you can use it on H4 timeframe as well after backtesting and ensuring the profitability of your settings for a particular instrument.


  • Pure price action EA, no indicators used
  • Based on extensive research and optimization with 1000+ different input combinations on each pair
  • No Trailing Stop
  • No BreakEven
  • No Grid
  • No Curve Fitting
  • No Martingale
  • Tested on 10+ years of historical data
  • Tested on 8 currency pairs
  • Trades on high timeframes, therefore robot is less sensitive to news and stop hunting
  • Doesn't require any further optimization


  • padding_pips: additional distance for pending orders to avoid false entries
  • min_candle_size_pips: minimum size for signal candle
  • order_comment: comment for EA's orders
  • magic_number: magic number for EA's orders
  • order_expiration_periods: periods / candles after which pending orders are expired (if it's set to 2 and Timeframe is D1, orders will expire in 2 days)
  • trade_risk_percent: risk per trade as a % of account balance
  • fixed_lotsize: fixed lotsize to use in orders, if more than zero, prevails over trade_risk_percent input
  • limit_oc_distance: advanced setting for pattern
  • limit_hl_distance: advanced setting for pattern
  • fixed_takeprofit_pips: take profit in pips
  • buy: if set to true, robot will be able to send long orders / buy
  • sell: if set to true, robot will be able to send short orders / sell

Installation & Launch

Please, make sure that all standard procedures are done before launching the EA on your terminal (Experts are allowed to trade form top tool panel (AutoTrading button is green) as well as Tools > Options menu). Expert doesn't require fast Internet connection and low latency, however it is recommended to launch it on a VPS as it needs to look for chart patterns to trade regularly (on every candle close).

After you own the expert you can use it on as many terminals as you wish, just login into community from MT4 terminal and your products will appear in market tab.

Please launch the EA with different order comment and magic numbers inputs on each chart / instrument.

Account Requirements

4 or 5 digit: Engulfing pattern EA will trade basically on any type of account, 4 or 5 digit, fixed and floating spread, it will recognize them automatically so when you change inputs represented in pips (padding_pips, min_candle_size_pips), you always indicate how many pips you want it to be, not points or something else, 10 pips will be 10 pips both on 4 and 5 digit accounts, robot will make necessary adjustments if required.

Leverage: Leverages from 1:50 will work, however 1:100 or more is recommended because of the possibility of several open positions at a time, you may need to increase your leverage if you want to risk more than 2% as well.

Pairs To Trade

EURUSD / Inputs:

  • padding_pips: 20
  • min_candle_size_pips: 60
  • order_expiration_periods: 2
  • fixed_takeprofit_pips: 60

NZDUSD / Inputs:

  • padding_pips: 5
  • min_candle_size_pips: 30
  • order_expiration_periods: 3
  • fixed_takeprofit_pips: 30

CHFJPY / Inputs:

  • padding_pips: 40
  • min_candle_size_pips: 40
  • order_expiration_periods: 3
  • fixed_takeprofit_pips: 40

GBPUSD / Inputs:

  • padding_pips: 45
  • min_candle_size_pips: 35
  • order_expiration_periods: 4
  • fixed_takeprofit_pips: 60

AUDUSD / Inputs:

  • padding_pips: 5
  • min_candle_size_pips: 30
  • order_expiration_periods: 4
  • fixed_takeprofit_pips: 50

EURAUD / Inputs:

  • padding_pips: 10
  • min_candle_size_pips: 45
  • order_expiration_periods: 4
  • fixed_takeprofit_pips: 30

EURGBP / Inputs:

  • padding_pips: 10
  • min_candle_size_pips: 75
  • order_expiration_periods: 3
  • fixed_takeprofit_pips: 90

EURJPY / Inputs:

  • padding_pips: 40
  • min_candle_size_pips: 90
  • order_expiration_periods: 2
  • fixed_takeprofit_pips: 50

Live account monitoring

Please, check my signals with Engulfing Pattern / Price Action in the title.
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