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MV Pro Signal

MV Pro Signal indicator is the result of many months of effort and study to identify good opportunities and serve as a useful indicator in your trading system. The purpose of the MV Pro Signal is Identify higher low at the up trend and lower high at the down trend. This indicator identifies two types of short-term and long-term position that will be showed you long-term positions with large arrows and short-term positions using small arrows. MV Pro Signals can be used in trend follow systems and show the good opportunities to you. You can use it alone or combine with any indicator or any private trading system. MV Pro Signal parameters are as follows:


  • ArrowSize: Arrow size for long-term positions
  • MiniArrowSize: Arrow size for short-term positions
  • Bullish: Bullish arrow color
  • Bearish: Bearish arrow color
  • TotalBars: The maximum number of bars to be displayed
  • Distance: Distance between arrows and candles
2017.04.08 09:32 

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2016.04.07 06:44   

not good. Cant even use the indicator because it freezes the platform