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With this EA, you can efficiently control the most important part of trading - risk and money management.

It calculates the perfect lot size for your orders depending on the defined stop loss and sets the take profit at a defined Reward:Risk level.

The stop loss and take profit levels can be set easily with a line on a chart.

Why Is Reward:Risk So Important?

The only way to make profit in trading is to gain more than you lose. There are only two parameters which define it:

  • Hit Ratio
  • Reward:Risk

Both parameters depend on each other.

There is a simple formula to calculate your required Hit Ratio with a predefined R:R:

Hit Ratio = 1/(Reward:Risk + 1)

Example: Reward:Risk = 2:1 -> Hit Ratio = 1/3 = 33% -> You need to win only more than 33% of your trades to make profits.

That is how trading works. It is a simple Math.


  • Works for every instrument (Forex, indices, commodities, etc.)
  • Works for 4 and 5-digit brokers
  • Works for MetaTrader 4
  • Steal Mode for a stop loss and take profit -> a broker cannot see it -> no stop fishing possible


  • Market order: 2 lines appear on a chart (blue, red)
  • Pending order: 3 lines appear on a chart (blue, red, yellow)


  • Order type: market or pending
  • Comission settings: comission per lot
  • Risk management: define how much you want to lose, whether in % of balance/equity or a fixed value, e.g. 45 dollars
  • Profit management:
    • Line -> you can set a take profit with a line on a chart
    • Reward:Risk -> e.g., if your stop loss is worth 45 dollars and your Reward:Risk is set to 2, your take profit will automatically set to 90 dollars
  • Trailing management:
    • Breakeven -> e.g., breakeven is set to 1:1 -> your stop loss will be moved to breakeven if your trade is in profit of 1 R
    • Trailing start
    • Trailing step
  • Trade information
    • Calculated lot size
    • Swap
    • Margin requirement for a trade
    • Spread

Input Parameters

Trade Setup

  • Slippage in Points -> when a slippage is bigger, the trade is not executed

Lines Color Setup

  • Color of Line for Sell StopLoss
  • Color of Line for Buy StopLoss
  • Color of Line for Send Pending Order

Panel Setup

  • Font Color
  • Background color
  • Select Color
  • Unselect Color
  • Scrool Bar's Border Color
  • Scrool Bar Color
  • Scrool Bar's Bottom Color
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