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Correlations of financial instruments

Pair correlations of financial instruments.

Comment to the algorithm

Pair correlations of financial instruments are calculated once when an interval histogram is opened on the given timeframe.

The algorithm for calculating pair correlations of financial instruments is built in the indicator.

Time series of financial instruments should be synchronized by a date and period of the corresponding timeframe.

Comment to trading

The indicator is meant for monitoring pair correlations of financial instruments. It is recommended to apply correlations to price areas with one level of dynamic market balance.

Input parameters:

_I - block header
  • theNumberOfBarsToCalculateTF - number of candles on the timeframe to calculate the indicator's parameters
  • theNumberOfBarsToCalculateD1 - number of candles on D1 to calculate the indicator's parameters
  • theNumberOfBarsToCalculateW1- number of candles on W1 to calculate the indicator's parameters
  • theNumberOfBarsToCalculateMN1 - number of candles on MN1 to calculate the indicator's parameters
_II - block header
  • font - font for elements of the indicator
  • maxFontSize - indicator header font size
  • subFontSize - font size of the indicator header substring
  • periodFontSize - font size of the 'Timeframe period' element
  • tableFontSize - font size of the main table elements
_III - block header
  • shift_title_X - shift of the indicator header along the Х axis
  • shift_subtitle_X - shift of the indicator header substring along the Х axis
  • shift_Period_Y - shift of the 'Timeframe period' element along the Y axis
  • shift_Y_Total - total shift of all objects along the Y axis
  • shift_Y_Rows - distance between strings
  • shift_X_Total - total shift of all objects along the X axis
  • shift_X_Columns - distance between columns
  • table_Y_Total - total shift of all objects in the main table along the Y axis
_IV - block header
  • pqToDisplay - data which are higher than this probability are displayed in different color
  • colorPQ - color to display probabilities higher than the preset one
  • colorFRNC - color of the indicator header
  • color0RNC - color of the 'Timeframe period' element
  • color1RNC - indicator header substring color
  • color2RNC - color of the main table column header
  • color3RNC - color of the main table string header
  • color4RNC - color of the main table elements
  • color5RNC - color of diagonal elements in the main table
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Version 4.0 2016.06.15
Modified the indicator code in order to increase its target efficiency in the calculation of the pair correlation coefficient of the financial instruments. If the time series of the asset pair are not synchronized in the based of the broker, for example, usually by bar opening time, then the indicator generates its own price series to calculate the correlation coefficient. The code has become almost "ideal" for the calculation of correlation coefficients. The only requirement is absence of "large holes" in the history of the financial instrument time series. The test case for all timeframes has been checked in the Excel tables.
Version 3.0 2015.10.27
Optimized code.
Version 2.0 2015.10.01
Added the inputTotalSymbols variable - change the amount of symbols for the indicator calculation.