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The Safe Plus

This is a professional Expert Advisor for real MT4 accounts. A position is opened and closed using a market order when MACD crosses the signal line after a signal candle is closed. A position can be opened following the trend of a higher timeframe or opposite to it. Position closing depends on the settings and takes the profit into account.

The Safe function for securing the deposit is of a highest priority in the algorithm: after opening the last differentiated buy position, a close signal occurs at MACD crossing above 0; the crossing should be below 0, to close a sell position. The intense profit buildup function called Plus is provided by the innovative initial position volume calculation method. A position volume is increased, while a deposit grows. The settings provide you with date and time, signal inversion, increasing a position volume, position reversal, real and virtual Take Profit, Stop Loss, Without Loss, Trailing Stop Loss, as well as the function for complete or partial position closing at a minimal margin level.

The screenshots present the default strategy with constant initial position volume. The Comments section contains the Pro 100 strategy set with the active Safe and Plus functions. The strategy answers the two most common traders' questions: "When to start trading?" and "When to stop it?"


  • StartDate - date to begin trading on D1
  • StartTime - time to begin trading on D1
  • StopDate - date to end trading on D2
  • StopTime - time to end trading on D2
  • UseInversion (false/true) - change the signal value to the opposite one
  • UseTimeFrames1 (false/true) - take trend direction on timeframe 1 into account
  • TimeFrames1 - timeframe 1
  • TimeFrames2 - timeframe 2
  • Lots - initial position volume
  • RateDepositForLots - comparative deposit size
  • AutoLotK - initial position volume change ratio
  • PeriodFastEma - fast EMA period
  • PeriodSlowEma - slow EMA period
  • PeriodSignalSma - SMA period
  • PriceMacd - price constant
  • UseMacdHighLowZero (false/true) - MACD signal on timeframe 2 (buy if below 0 and close your buy position if above 0). The opposite is true for a sell position
  • UseMacdHighLowZeroClose (false/true) - MACD signal on timeframe 2 (close your buy position only above 0). The opposite is true for a sell position
  • UseOpenLong (false/true) - only Long
  • UseOpenShort (false/true) - only Short
  • DistanceAvr - minimum distance between trades as % for differentiated position opening
  • LotsFactor - next trade volume multiplier
  • LimitAvr - number of trades
  • NumLimitAvr - index number of a trade to set a new take profit
  • TakeProfitAvrNew - new take profit value
  • NumberIncrease - number of trades to increase a position
  • StepIncrease - minimum distance between trades as %
  • VolumeIncrease - trade volume
  • UseCandleCloseIncrease (false/true) - signal on a closed candle
  • UseCloseTimeFrames1 (false/true) - close positions in case of an opposite signal on a timeframe 1
  • UseCloseTimeFrames2 (false/true) - close positions in case of an opposite signal on a timeframe 2
  • UseLevelProfit (false/true) - consider Level Profit when closing positions in case of an opposite signal on a timeframe 2 after the last deal of a differentiated position opening
  • LevelProfit - minimum profit as % to close positions in case of an opposite signal on a timeframe 2
  • UseRealStop (false/true) - apply real stop orders
  • StopLoss - stop loss as %
  • TrailingStart - profit level to set trailing as %
  • TrailingStop - trailing distance from the price as %
  • UseCandleCloseTrailingStopLoss (false/true) - set trailing on a closed candle
  • TrailingStopWithoutMoving (false/true) - do not move trailing after placing (Without Loss)
  • TakeProfit - take profit as %
  • Slippage - slippage
  • OrderTypeFilling - order execution method
  • MarginLevel - minimum level of margin to close a position
  • PercentLotsMarginLevel - percentage to decrease a position when the minimum level of margin is reached
  • OrderId - order index
  • LineName - virtual order line name
  • LineStyle - virtual order line type
  • LineColorLoss - virtual stop loss line color
  • LineColorProfit - virtual take profit line color
  • LineWidht - virtual order line width
2016.07.12 03:36 

good professional ea, easy and fast testing. setting "luxury relax" - only upper balanse, slow, but very stable. five stars job