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Spectrum is a unique indicator identifying potential market reversal points based on digital analysis methods. The indicator uses the latest digital method of fast and qualitative selection of the market spectrum. Resulting frequency components are pre-processed in order to determine existing market cycles and then create a signal trading system.

Adjustable Parameters

  • Indicator - indicator type for processing (from 0 to 3);
  • PeriodZ - indicator period;
  • PeriodF1 - first period of an auxiliary indicator;
  • PeriodF2 - second period of an auxiliary indicator;
  • AppliedPrice - price type (from 0 to 5);
  • Length - length of historic data used to find the spectrum, in bars;
  • TestLength - test segment length in bars;
  • ZeroComponent - zero frequency component in the set;
  • NumberComponents - number of frequency components in the set;
  • CosineWaves - use a cosine function to create the final filter (otherwise a sine function will be used);
  • IndentSignal - signal mark indent on a chart in points;
  • Optimization - if true, enable optimization to define the best frequency components;
  • MethodOptimization - optimization method (0-3);
  • BestOf - number of best components in the final set;
  • MethodVisualization - calculation method and equity chart representations: 0 - by bars; 1 - by trades.


  • Currency pairs: any;
  • Trading period: any, recommended from M30 and higher.
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Version 3.0 2017.08.04
Added the ability to test the indicator's performance on a test period (outside the historical data window used to determine the spectrum)
Version 2.0 2017.07.04
Expanded and improved the option of optimization of internal parameters related to the indicator calculation procedures.