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The Easy Trade Expert Advisor will simplify your trading.

Now, when you click Sell or Buy, you do not need to do anything else.

All the required parameters (SL, TP, TrStop, TrStart) will be set for the appropriate position automatically.

You can change the parameters directly in the table on the desktop, no need to go to the settings!

This is exactly what the terminal lacks - trading quickly and easily.

The EA can manage up to four groups with different values ​​of TrStop. Each group can have any number of orders.

Easy Trade will also care for your pending orders - once they trigger, SL, TP, TrStop and TrStart will be set for them.

Position of any group can be closed separately, or you can close all the active position by a single keystroke.

Many traders manage mixed trading on different timeframes. Now all this can be done by one EA.

For example:

We see a signal on M1 - use Group 1 with tight stops and small profits.

Then comes a signal from a higher TF M5, M15, H1 - use Group 2 and Group 3 for intraday trading. Etc

If you just need one or two groups, then disable the rest groups in the EA settings, then the panel will become more compact.

The panel can be dragged around the working window by double-clicking on it.

Main Parameters:

  • MaxOrders - maximum number of opened orders
  • Group 1,2,3,4 - active order groups
  • Group b - hidden group responsible for pending orders and positions opened any other way.
  • lot - lot size (individual for each group)
  • SL - the stop loss value
  • TP - the take profit value
  • TrStop - trailing stop
  • TrStart - number of pips to start moving TrStop
  • TrStep - stop trailing step
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