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KV S Mod

The EA manages an open positions on the principle of a non-standard grid. Trades are opened based on Bollinger Bands signals (if you set Manual=0). Trades can also be opened any time manually (when Manual=1),the EA will manage the open position.

Expert Advisor Parameters

  • Manual - deal opening method (auto if "0" or manual if "1").
  • Lot - volume of deal.

The screenshots feature testing for 2015 with Lot=0.01 , Manual=0 . Symbol is EURUSD, timeframe is H1.

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s-v-sh Shnur
s-v-sh Shnur 2015.10.06 17:59 

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Version 1.1 2015.11.04
Removed some settings. Fixed errors in trade.

OldVersion - when set to 1 trading as in the old version.
Lot - trade volume.
CtrlDepo - if set to 1 calculates the shortfall.
Manual - manual or automatic opening of the deal.
Strategy1 - automated trading with an increased risk.
Strategy1Risk - automated trading with high risk.
StopOut stop level on(1)/off(0).
StopOutSt1 -stop level on(1)/off(0).
StopOutPunkt - stop value in points.
StopOutPunktSt1 - stop value in points.
TPSt1Punkt - take profit in points at Strategy1.
TP - take profit in points.
K - sharp drawdown in pips.