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Spread Monitor and Recorder

A user-friendly and intuitive indicator and spread collector. It represents spread change data as a chart and as a table.

Main features:

  1. Indication of spread changes for the chosen currency pair in the form of a chart in the indicator window (optional)
  2. Text information about the minimum and maximum spread on the current bar and for the entire period of indicator operation
  3. Saves tick history of spread change as a table (optional)

Main Parameters:

  • ShowGraph = true/false. Enables the display of spread changes as a chart.
  • Table = true/false. Enables saving of tick history of the spread change in a table.


For displaying spread changes on a chart, the highest value per bar is used. The service table for plotting the chart is stored in files...\MQL4\Files\SpreadMonitor\History\Symbol Name\M1.txt. This table is purely indicative.

If option Table = true, the tick history of spread change is stored in files ....\MQL4\Files\Symbol Name_YYYYMMDD_HHmmSS.txt, were YYYY menas year, MM - month, DD - day, HH - hour, mm - minutes, SS - seconds. This is the time of file creation. Please do not confuse these two types of files!

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