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Marking Elliott Waves MyDreamEW

MyDreamEW helps you to arrange daily Elliott Wave labeling at multiple symbols. The labeling is done manually. The EA only automates most processes.

The EA arranges wave labeling at all periods of a certain symbol simultaneously beginning from small periods (H1) up to monthly charts. Text labels of wave levels are automatically copied to charts of various symbol periods. Users are able to define the wave level visibility on various chart periods avoiding chart overload by multiple levels and simplifying visual analysis. The same approach is applied when using auxiliary lines and other chart objects.

Charts of 5 periods (from H1 to MN) are opened simultaneously in the working profile for each symbol. The labeling is performed from a higher period to a lower one. Users can define the necessary labeling depth (the time period, from which the labeling starts).

Basic Functionality

  • Semi-automatic placement of text labels of wave levels according to the generally accepted wave labeling notation;
  • Automatic tracking of a wave labeling on five different periods of a single chart;
  • Fast replacing of a basic labeling with an alternative one;
  • Automatic setting of symbols from different wave levels in the key labeling points;
  • Transfer of properties between objects in order to change the labeling quickly;
  • Working with auxiliary lines and channels;
  • Automatic bounding of a text label to trend reversal points.

Additional Features

  • Managing market entries within a day, i.e. you can always see what symbols require your attention;
  • Automatic generation of a new chart from a part of the highlighted one marking the area using 100-150 bars (for analysis using the Bill Williams' method).
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