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The indicator is non-redrawable and non-lagging. It can be used as a primary and an additional tool in various scalping strategies.

One of the use options:

  • Buy in the blue cloud and sell in the red one,
  • SL is set behind the nearest extremum,
  • Once the price makes a distance of half SL value towards profit, half of a trade is closed, the remaining part is trailed using blue TrailingLine.

The Moving Average points at the trend direction.

You can also trade on rollbacks.


  • Parametr1 and Parametr2 - the sensitivity of the cloud boundary lines;
  • TrailingLine - the sensitivity of the trailing line.
Rodrigo da Silva Boa
Rodrigo da Silva Boa 2015.12.06 15:14 

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Yuri Shkavera
Yuri Shkavera 2015.11.26 04:25 

Спасибо, начинаю тестировать! выглядит очень неплохо.