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Tik Tak

The EA is based on the locking order strategy. It places two pending orders at a specified distance from the price.

After one of the orders is triggered, the EA adds pending orders along the price movement and locks them for the case of a reverse movement.

The EA restarts after receiving a predetermined profit.

When using the locking strategy, the main burden falls on the margin, therefore it is recommended that you use the maximum possible leverage and select a broker decreasing the margin when locking positions.

The EA algorithm features the virtual trailing of an overall profit. Trailing starts when a specified profit is reached and stops after the price rolls back from the current profit for a specified trailing percentage.


  • Show comment (true/false) – show/hide EA comments (account and order data);
  • Step – distance from the price to place pending orders;
  • Start_Lot – lot value for the EA operation start;
  • Step_Lot – lot increase step when locking a position;
  • Profit_In_Pips – profit, at which all positions are closed;
  • TrailingPercentProfit – when the price rolls back to the specified trailing profit percentage, all orders are closed (if 0, orders are closed immediately after reaching the specified profit);
  • Magic – magic number for this EA orders.
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