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Copy Slave 4

The SU_Copy_4 copier is a powerful signal copying system to copy anything to anywhere. The system capabilities are extremely wide. You can:

  • Copy any signals from any broker using MT4;
  • Receive signals to the terminals of any brokers, regardless of the names of currency pairs, the number of decimal places in the symbol prices and the lot size;
  • Receive signals from several sources simultaneously;
  • Receive signals from any source to multiple receivers;
  • Copy not only market orders, but also pending ones (optional);
  • Copy TakeProfit and StopLoss (optional);
  • Apply order reverse (optional);
  • Close any deals if necessary, without waiting for a signal from the source;
  • Monitor the each pair performance from each source;
  • Flexibly adjust the deal size for each source;
  • Comment on deals;
  • Receive notification of trade movements in the form of a sound alert, as well as email and SMS on a smartphone or tablet;
  • Run the system on virtual hosting (not tested);
  • Additionally trade the same pairs;
  • Save settings and copy them to other receivers.

The system should be located on a single computer. Source brokers and receiver brokers must work with МТ4.

The system consists of 2 EAs: "SU_CopyMaster_4T" and "SU_CopySlave_4".

Install "SU_CopyMaster_4T" in the source terminal.

Install "SU_CopySlave_4T" in the receiver terminal. It is a multicurrecy EA. Install it on one chart (any), and it will open and close trades on all currency pairs, for which a signal is copied, even if its chart is not open.

"SU_Copy_Slave_4" has a built-in editor to adjust it for any accounts and instruments.

See the detailed manual.

2017.03.22 16:28 

Beware of this EA. Installed and got the dreaded no "Push to Edit Accounts List" button problem. Emailed Igor about it and in his reply he said:

It may be some reasons for this button absence:

1. You replace the EA-file from it's place after you got it from MQL5-site.

2. You try to work with EA on the other terminal (other account, not registered as binded to EA).

3. You try to work other comp, not that for wich you bought EA.

And then said "Good luck".

None of those statements apply to my situation and he is doing nothing to resolve the problem. I am demanding a refund.