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Copy Master 4

The SU_Copy_4 copier is a powerful signal copying system to copy anything to anywhere. The system capabilities are extremely wide. You can:

  • Copy any signals from any broker using MT4;
  • Receive signals to the terminals of any brokers, regardless of the names of currency pairs, the number of decimal places in the symbol prices and the lot size;
  • Receive signals from several sources simultaneously;
  • Receive signals from any source to multiple receivers;
  • Copy not only market orders, but also pending ones (optional);
  • Copy TakeProfit and StopLoss (optional);
  • Apply order reverse (optional);
  • Close any deals if necessary, without waiting for a signal from the source;
  • Monitor the each pair performance from each source;
  • Flexibly adjust the deal size for each source;
  • Comment on deals;
  • Receive notification of trade movements in the form of a sound alert, as well as email and SMS on a smartphone or tablet;
  • Run the system on virtual hosting (not tested);
  • Additionally trade the same pairs;
  • Save settings and copy them to other receivers.

The system consists of 2 EAs: "SU_CopyMaster_4T" and "SU_CopySlave_4".

Install "SU_CopyMaster_4T" in the source broker terminal. The EA is multicurrency. It is installed on a single chart (any), reads the signals from the source for all trades and transmits them to receivers. "SU_CopyMaster_4T" requires no configuration, is provided for free.

Installation is standard. Has no inputs or any other settings.

Once installed, the EA creates a transport file and transmits information about trades on the source.

It can be installed on multiple sources within one computer.

Eleni Anna Branou
2017.02.14 18:46