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OneTM BuySell

This advanced trend-detecting MT4 indicator uses the complex algorithms to calculate relationships between ADX, Moving Averages and MACD. The product can be used as a supporting tool. Enter the market when a buy or a sell arrow appears and exit if the opposite signal arrives.

  • Unique trend detection that avoids whipsaws and uncertain market noise.
  • Good buy and sell arrow signals.
  • Good for scalper trading.
  • No repaints.
  • No backpaints.
  • Never recalculates.
  • Signals are generated strictly on the "Close of the each bar".
  • Compatible with an Expert Advisor development.


  • ADX_Period: ADX indicator calculation period.
  • ADX_AppliedPrice: Applied price for ADX (default is Close).
  • FastMA_Period: Fast Moving Average and MACD period.
  • FastMA_Method: Fast Moving Average method (default is EMA).
  • SlowMA_Period: Slow Moving Average and MACD period.
  • SlowMA_Method: Slow Moving Average method (default is EMA mode).
  • SignalMA_Period: Signal Moving Average and MACD period.
  • SignalMA_Method: Signal Moving Average method (default is SMA).
  • MA_AppliedPrice: Applied price for three MAs (default is Close).
  • UpArrow_Color and DownArrow_Color: arrow color.
  • UpArrow_Width and DownArrow_Width: arrow width.

It has some other options for chart color display and alerts (popup, notification and email).

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