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Martingale EnvBBuniv

The Martingale EnvBBuniv Expert Advisor trades using the signals of the Envelopes, Bollinger Bands (BB) and Universal (a combination of various indicators and strategies).

The trading volume used for opening positions depends on Parameters_of_money_management. To set a fixed lot for the first position adjust following parameters: Money_Risk_SL и SL_Points. At that you need to set Risk_Percent_Balans_SL=0.

The EA always uses Stop Loss. Optimized for EURUSD M30, 0.00001. You should attach the EA to a chart and allow automated trading to let the Expert Advisor work. But with proper settings it is also appropriate for any time frames and any instruments.


  • Magic Uses 10 - magic number assigned to the first trade; Magic_index+n is assigned to next trades, where n is a number of opened positions.
Regardless of the amount of opened positions set in Max_order 1 to 5, the EA reserves 10 magic numbers. If the magic number is equal to 1, do not use the next 9 numbers with this symbol. Instead, start from 11, etc.
  • Spred Max - maximum spread, the EA trades if the current spread is less than Spred Max.

Parameters of money management:

  • Max order 1 to 5 - maximum amount of opened positions but not greater than 5. Martingale is used.
  • Money Risk SL - money you are ready to lose if stop loss triggers. The risk is calculated as a maximum value between Money_Risk_SL and Risk_Percent_Balans_SL.
  • Risk Percent Balans SL - risk percentage of the deposit balance. The risk is calculated as a maximum value between Money_Risk_SL and Risk_Percent_Balans_SL and used to calculate an autolot. If Risk_Percent_Balans_SL=0, the auto lot is disabled.
  • Profit Percent Risk - percentage of targeted profit when closing positions from RMoney_Risk_SL or Risk_Percent_Balans_SL.

Parameters of indicators: defines the parameters of indicators used in the EA and activates trading strategies for each indicator.

Parameters of trading Martingale: the parameters determine trading for the positions opened based on martingale.

Parameters of trading: the parameters determine trading for all positions.

You should define an asset, a timeframe and the parameters to ensure the EA correct operation!
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2017.10.28 04:53 

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Version 1.3 - 2015.10.02
- Improved the trading algorithm when Martingale_Control_Profit and Martingale_Reverse functions are enabled;
- Added the TP_Points parameter - take profit in points. If TP_Points=0, take profit is not used;
- Stoch_Strategy_Trend is replaced with Stoch_Strategy_Trend_OUT, while Stoch_Strategy_Corridor is replaced with Stoch_Strategy_Trend_INS.
Version 1.2 - 2015.09.23
- Removed the Independent_Trade function;
- Added the Martingale_Reverse function - activate martingale trading using opposite deals.
Version 1.1 - 2015.09.15
-New parameter Martingale_Signal_Close_Order1 that activates the function closing teh first order at a signal of Parameters_of_trading_Martingale
-Name of Martingale_Trading_Signals changed to Martingale_Signal_Trading.
-Parameter Money_Minimum_Profit_Reverse changed to Reverse_Percent_Risk. It closes an open position at a reversal signal if the profit is above the parameter value.