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BreakOuter is an Expert Advisor which uses a local extremum breakout strategy. Low stop loss level and fast moving to breakeven along with trailing enable the EA to take profit from Forex trading in a rapid and steady manner.

The best results have been achieved when trading EURUSD on H4. But you can easily optimize settings for any other pair or time period.


  • use_MM - enable/disable money management;
  • fix_lot - constant lot if use_MM = false;
  • Risk - risk percentage per a trade of the deposit, if use_MM = true;
  • takeprofit - take profit in pips;
  • stoploss - protective stop order;
  • tral_start - trailing a trade when the specified profit in pips is reached, if 0 - trailing stop is disabled;
  • breakeven_start - level in pips to move a trade to breakeven;
  • breakeven_pips - number of pips to move an order to breakeven (open price + small profit);
  • indent - indent in pips from the local extremum to place an order;
  • magic - identification number of the EA's orders.
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Version 2.0 - 2015.11.25
1. Fully redesigned trailing stop.
2. Added timeframe selection. The EA will work on the selected timeframe regardless of епру current one.
Version 1.2 - 2015.09.09
Fixed minor bug