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Deviation Reader

This utility pronounces the size of deviation of the current price from the open price of your position ("Deviation Reader"). It also says when a position moves from a negative zone to a positive zone and vice versa ("Position Alert"). It allows you not to sit in front of your monitor, and control your positions remotely. The utility supports two languages: English and Russian (chosen depending on the languages of the client terminal).

You can also set a step for alert triggering (5, 10, 20 points). In case it detects an additional decimal place in the currency price (5-th for EURUSD or 3-rd for USDJPU ), then it will consider the penultimate place as a point!

The deviation limit is 1000 points. If it is exceeded, the utility will keep silent.

The utility does not pronounce instrument names, thus you should be careful when trading several instrument simultaneously.

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Version 1.1 - 2013.06.28
- Removed the queue of deviation pronouncing: allows avoiding a long queue during high volatility.
- Fixed the error of pronouncing "position positive" in Russian language.