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This EA is independent of indicators or technical or fundamental analysis and has no dependency to speed of order execution or formation of different shapes or pattern in charts or candles.

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Simple Steps for successful usage of this EA:

  1. Open forex account in fast and affordable Forex Broker.
  2. Rent a VPS.
  3. Install MetaTrader 4 in VPS and run "PowerTraderRe" EA on EURUSD or GBPUSD or USDCHF chart in M1.
  4. Leave all parameters in default value except Server Time According to GMT (-12_12).

Input parameters:

  • Pips Distance Between Trades (xSpread) - This parameter determine distance between to contentious similar trades (pips/Spread).
  • Risk % (1-100) - This parameter will change lot size of trades.
  • Maximum Acceptable Loss % (1-100) - This parameter will determine maximum money for loss in percent of account balance.
  • Size of Each Lot (Define Standard or Micro Account) - This parameter defines volume of trades per lot, for standard accounts it's 100,000 and for Micro account it should be 1000.
  • Server Time According to GMT (-12_12) - Most important parameter which should change according to you broker server time, (For GMT-4 you should put "-4" in this field)
  • Time Difference Between Trades (Minutes) - This parameter permit the EA to trade in specific minutes.

If you need More Help Please leave comment or email to inhome4income@gmail.com.

Good Luck, Friends!

Matthew Todorovski
Matthew Todorovski 2015.09.04 00:21 

Didn't work well for me.

Rent before you purchase, and test its performance on your real account first.