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Trading strategies are divided into two main types: a mean reversion and momentum. At high liquidity instruments it is preferred to trade momentum strategy. For example, the liquidity of Forex market mainly focuses at EURUSD, GBPUSD, USDJPY, EURJPY and XAUUSD. Tests of these instruments with the Expert show stable and good results, that you can see in Comments.

Distinctive features:

  • only one option affects the point of entry, that minimizes re-optimization;
  • Stop Loss and Take Profit are automatically adapted to the current volatility;
  • the built-in risk management system calculates position volume;
  • supports Market Execution and Instant Execution.

You can manually optimize trading parameters or use free presets available on the Comments tab.


  • Magic - EA's identifier;
  • Risk - risk per a deal as percentage of the deposit;
  • Commission - broker commission (in points);
  • StopLevels - StopLevels of your broker (in points);
  • TradeHour - the EA trades at the specified time;
  • MainPeriod - determines an entry point, recommended range is from 10 to 50;
  • StopLoss - recommended range is from 10 to 100. Disabled if set to 0;
  • TakeProfit - recommended range is from 10 to 100. Disabled if set to 0;
  • Trailing - recommended range is from 10 to 100. Not used if set to 0;


Monitoring and Signal available for subscription.

Please leave your feedback or suggestion on how to improve the Z PRO trading system.

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