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POWEER indicator

Many indicators in a single indicator

POWEER indicator consists of seven different indicators.

  1. ADX: Average Directional Movement Index
  2. RSI: Relative Strength Index
  3. CCI: Commodity Channel Index
  4. TRIX: Triple Exponential Average
  5. MOMENTUM: Momentum
  6. WPS: Larry William's Percent Range
  7. STOCH: Stochastic

When calculating POWEER indicator, you can change weight ratio of other indicators.

What is for POWEER indicator?

When a signal from an indicator you use for your trading strategy is activated, the POWEER indicator is required to support this signal. For example, you received BUY signal using moving average, at that time POWEER indicator is:

  1. moving upward (bullish)
  2. above the zero level
  3. below the -50 line and going up

The POWEER indicator supported that BUY signal.

POWEER indicator can be used alone:

  1. the cutting of the 0 line of the indicator
  2. the cutting of the -50 line of the indicator
  3. the cutting of the +50 line of the indicator
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