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This is a trend following Expert Advisor trading channel breakthroughs. The best results have been obtained on EURUSD H1.

No scalper, no martingale, no grid, no averaging.

The EA defines the probability of the price movement in a specified direction.

According to the analysis results, it either opens an order or does nothing.

The EA "likes" trading symbols with prolonged trends.


  • Risk - risk percentage per deal. If 0, the Lot parameter is used;
  • Lot - trading lot if Risk = 0;
  • point_on_line - amount of points the price should move outside of the Envelopes indicator channel;
  • ATR_period - ATR period. The parameter is used for calculating a stop loss;
  • atr_for_StopLoss - multiplier for increasing a stop loss;
  • more_tp - how many times a take profit exceeds a stop loss;
  • MA_fast_period - first МА period;
  • MA_slow_period - second МА period;
  • ENVE_period - Envelopes indicator period;
  • ENVE_deviation - Envelopes indicator deviation;
  • Comment_to_ - order comment;
  • Magic - magic number;
  • Slippage - maximum slippage level.

The EA features the auto recognition of 4 and 5-digit quotes.

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