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The NavigatorNews EA is developed for news trading.

Operation Principle

The EA places stop orders (BuyStop, SellStop) for range breakthrough at a certain time (optional setting). When both stop orders are in waiting (not triggered), they are trailed (modified) on every bar (trailing function can be disabled). If one stop order triggers (there is a market position), the opposite stop order is immediately removed. So, we have only one market order. You can also set time of removing stop orders (if they did not trigger during the trading session) and time of closing positions (absolute closure).

Features of the EA

  • Timeframe does not really matter (but remember that stop orders are trailed by bars);
  • Trading symbol does not matter (supports 4, 5, 6 digit quotes);
  • Calculation of lot basing on the balance (risk per trade);
  • Take profit/stop loss;
  • Breakeven function;
  • Stop order tracking - trailing by bars;
  • Open position tracking — (regular trailing / trailing by SAR / trailing by ATR);
  • Time control function — (stop order placement / stop order deletion / closing positions);
  • Automated setting of the magic number;
  • Supports two languages (messages) - Eng/Rus;
  • Color scheme of the price chart (position opening/modification/closing).

Trading Parameters of the EA

  • LotFixed=0.1: fixed lot;
  • RiskMM=10: risk per trade (%), of RiskMM=0, orders will be placed with the LotFixed parameter;
  • RiskMM_Max=30: maximum risk per trade (%), it limits RiskMM; if RiskMM > RiskMM_Max, maximum risk will be RiskMM_Max;
  • StopLoss=30: stop loss (in points);
  • TakeProfit=60: take profit (in points);
  • DistanceStop=20: distance from stop orders (in points);
  • AutoMagicNumber=true: true — automated magic number, false — takes the value specified in Magic;
  • Magic=0: magic number if AutoMagicNumber=false;
  • TrailingStopOrd=true: true – trail stop orders;
  • TimeSetOrders="11:00": time to place stop orders;
  • TimeDelOrders="15:00": time to delete stop orders (if they did not trigger);
  • TimeClosePos="15:00": time to close all open positions;
  • BE_Yes=true: true — enable breakeven level;
  • BE_Start=12: profit level (in points), if the price passes 12 points, the stop loss level will be shifted by 2 points from the open price;
  • BE_Profit=2: breakeven level (in points);
  • SimpleTrailing=false: true — use trailing, false — no;
  • ProfitTrailing=true: true — trail the profit only;
  • TrailingStop=15: fixed trailing size; if 15 points are covered, stop loss will be shifted by 5 points (trailing step);
  • TrailingStep=5: trailing step;
  • TrailingSAR=true: true — enable trailing by Parabolic (SAR);
  • ProfitOnlySAR=true: true — trail the profit only;
  • SAR_TF=0: timeframe of Parabolic SAR (0-current);
  • SAR_Distance=1: distance from Parabolic-SAR to price (in points);
  • SAR_Step=0.02: step of Parabolic-SAR;
  • SAR_Maximum=0.2: Max. Parabolic-SAR;
  • TrailingATR=false: true — enable trailing by ATR;
  • ProfitOnlyATR=true: true — trail the profit only;
  • ATR_TF=0: ATR timeframe;
  • ATR_Period=5: ATR period;
  • ATR_Ratio=2: ATR ratio;
  • Language=0: language of the EA's messages, 0-English, 1-Russian;
  • Comment_EA=true: true — display parameters on the screen;
  • Slippage=3: price slippage (in points);
  • NumberOfTry=3: number of attempts to open/close/modify;
  • PauseAfterError=14: pause after an error (in seconds);
  • UseSound=true: true — sound for open/close/modify;
  • clOpenBuy=LightBlue: buy opening color;
  • clOpenSell=LightCoral: sell opening color;
  • clModifyBuy=Aqua: buy modification color;
  • clModifySell=Tomato: sell modification color;
  • clCloseBuy=Blue: buy closing color;
  • clCloseSell=Red: sell closing color.

We recommend launching the EA before mews releases and it will track trades further. Please be aware that if you do not deinitialize the EA after positions have been processed, the next day the EA will place pending orders at the specified time again. So, give an eye to it.

Ovidiu Caslariu
2016.05.07 14:49 

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