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LuckyBreak EA is based of two breakthrough strategies and trades important support and resistance. The Expert Advisor use a smart highly adaptable trading algorithm to capture daily breakthrough.

The EA provides possibility to limit the maximum risk (in % of deposit) of the trade. I recommend you to use it on ECN account with low spread and fast broker execution.

Real account monitoring: https://www.mql5.com/en/users/nedyalka/seller


  • A fixed stop loss.
  • Position used trailing stop.
  • Optimized for GBPUSD pair.
  • NO Martingale and NO grid.
  • Only pending orders are used.
  • Both a fixed and automatic lot size.
  • NO need in a large initial deposit.
  • Never need to optimize again.


  • LuckyBreak is designed to work on GBPUSD H4.
  • The EA working on a VPS is the best solution.
  • Average spread of your broker on GBPUSD should not exceed 1,3 pips.


Choose a Risk you want to trade and you are ready.

  • SafeWithAggressive - if true, both safe and aggressive strategies are traded at the same time.
  • AggressiveStrategy - if true, only the aggressive strategy is applied.
  • SafeStrategy - if true, only the safe strategy is applied.
  • Bar - counted bars.
  • Bar2 - counted bars.
  • Xpips - set how pips you want higher from high and down from low. Leave Xpips = 0.0 if you do not use.
  • StopLoss - stop loss.
  • TakeProfit - take profit.
  • Trailling - true if you use it
  • TraillingStop - trailling stop.
  • TraillingStep - trailling step.
  • Breakeven - true if you use it
  • BreakevenPips - value in pips.
  • SecureProfit - if true, SL will move to SecureProfitPips pips above the entry price when profit goes to SecureProfitTrigger.
  • SecureProfitTrigger - value in pips.;
  • SecureProfitPips - value in pips;
  • Risk - percentage of equity to trade.
  • FixedLotSize - if true, a fixed lot size is used - choose a lot size by a parameter Lot.
  • Lot - fixed lot size.
  • Close_Friday - if true, EA will Delete all pending orders on Friday;
  • Hour_Close - broker server close hour of delete all pending orders on Friday;
  • Minute_Close - broker server close minute of delete all pending orders on Friday;
  • DayStartOfWeek - day of the week which EA will begin work;
  • Starting_Hour - broker server start hour;
  • DayStopOfWeek - day of the week which EA will stop working;
  • Ending_Hour - broker server stop hour;
  • Slippage - slippage value.
  • MaxSpread - maximum spread value.
  • MagicNumber - the magic number of the EA.
  • MagicNumber2 - the magic number of the EA.
  • MagicNumber3 - the magic number of the EA.
  • MagicNumber4 - the magic number of the EA.
  • comment = "LB".
2015.12.03 16:13 

I use ECN account, my start capital is 500 till today is USD 716.00, i made 216 usd profit for this EA. I suggest must use ECN account .Good Job. thanks

2015.12.01 00:38 

After running this EA on real account for more than a month. The performance of this EA is very good. This EA strategy is clear and profitable.

Any "Breakout" strategy is sensitive to the spread and slippage. ECN account (Std account is not good for this EA) and good slippage for GBPUSD are needed. A fast internet connection or VPS are also benefit for the result if using trailing stop.

I keep 5-Stars for this EA.

Support from Nedyalka is also great. Thanks.

2015.11.02 10:54 

GREAT EA ... If you are planning to buy this expert, choose a broker with a average spread of 0.5 EURUSD or 1.1 pip GBPUSD and hosting a ping less than 20 ms.

Of have a question send Private message

Thank you so much Nedyalka


steve Miller
2015.10.22 22:39 

, Excellent support from Nedyalka, answers questions quickly. Overall, a GREAT EA, GREAT VALUE FOR MONEY




My Trades, are not same as DEMO, lost 15% yesterday.....DEMO account did not loose money? Orders not the same

Needs a REAL account to be monitored to justify truth of EA

I will monitor my real account and update results

All what I can say it's in profit but not same as demo of 100% + profit

It's strange I did not even get any trades yesterday ?? And some people got losses and demo keeps making money

I have changed my rating , still a good EA for


But Very big differences with live and demo results

2015.10.22 21:28 

I rented the EA yesterday after asking the seller if i will have the same changes in % (win\lose) like his demo monitoring account.. He told me that i will get the same future changes in% like his monitoring demo accoount.

- There is no REAL Account, which means the coder is not sure about his product!. I guess !

*** - I have differences in trades by my REAL acount and his DEMO acccount . (I use my EA according to the seller instructions and money managment) , so, why I have mismatch results or at least very similar ones?).

*** The trade results from YESTERDAY is -11.2% (losing) WHILE HIS monitoring account still make PROFITS. ***

********** Honestly, I thought to much before writhing this feedback, but I think, it is better to tell the thought to not make others lose their money. SO, I ADVICE YOU TO WAIT . I will continue using it on REAL account. if I get better results, I will update my Feedback for sure to be fair.

****UPDATE now after 3 weeks.. i stopped the EA on my real account because its really very BAD EA on real accounts and resuults are ver far and not compare with demo.

i LOSE 24%

stay away!

Michal Bartos
2015.10.22 10:50 

User didn't leave any comment to the rating

Abdullah Alkaluf
2015.10.02 17:03 

The best EA on mql5

Boris Bugaenko
2015.09.27 21:29 

Брал в аренду советник и за месяц получил 41% прибыли, решил купить. Хороший робот!

Version 7.0 - 2016.12.08
- Added new functions
HideSL - if 'true', SL/TP is hidden.
Version 6.0 - 2016.06.16
update function for better performance
Version 5.0 - 2015.10.09
Added the new parameter - value of pips
- Xpips = 0.0 - set how pips you want higher from high and down from low.
For example: if Xpips = 5.0 - this means 5 pips
If you do not use the parameter, leave Xpips = 0.0.

Trailling = TRUE.
If you do not use a trailing stop, change the parameter to FALSE.
Version 4.0 - 2015.10.06
add new functions
- This will refresh the currency rates every 25 second

Changing the default parameter
- Breakeven = TRUE
- BreakevenPips = 3
Version 3.0 - 2015.08.28
- added
SecureProfit - if true, StopLoss will move to SecureProfitPips pips above the entry price when profit goes to SecureProfitTrigger pips.
SecureProfitTrigger - value in pips.
SecureProfitPips - value in pips.
Version 2.0 - 2015.08.19
- Delete all pending orders on Friday
Close_Friday - if true, EA will Delete all pending orders on Friday.
Hour_Close – broker server close hour of delete all pending orders on Friday
Minute_Close – broker server close minute of delete all pending orders on Friday

- EA start working
Starting_Hour - broker server start hour

- EA stop working
Ending_Hour - broker server stop hour

- added
Breakeven - to use select True
BreakevenPips - value of pips