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Neuro Lis


This adaptive EA is based on a neural network consisting of 4 cores and intelligent virtual trailing stop. The first core function is to determine a trend using Stochastic, the second core function is to determine risk and use 1-3 lots to enter the market basing on CCI, the third core function is to determine the exit moment using virtual trailing stop or a rough exit from a trade series if the balance has turned yellow and drawdown is 25% (can be disabled), the fourth core function is to overlap opposite orders and search for better overlapped orders. Works on all currencies and time frames but the best profitability was reached on M5. It uses Martingale but at the same time the EA can trade using this system both during flat and trend without rollbacks due to overlap function and loss limitation.

The EA finds the best Buy and Sell points using overbought and oversold levels of Stochastic. It buys when relative prices are low, and sells when relative prices are high. Its distinctive features are the intelligent virtual trailing stop and operation in trend and flat market controlled by the 4th core of the neural network. The order series rarely exceeds 4-5. The EA demonstrates the best profitability after self-learning within two or three weeks.

Restart the terminal if the Warning parameter having a value other than 0 appears in the information window.

Recommended MoneyManagement for the securest operation with 10,000 units of the free margin is 0.01 lots per each pair (10-25% per month).

While testing on real accounts we have also noticed stuck-at fault on slow computers, so we recommend following equipment characteristics for trading on 7 pairs:

  • Dual-core processor Intel, AMD.
  • Core storage is at least 1GB for WINXP and 2GB for WIN7-WIN VISTA
Reboot the terminal and decrease the number of currency pairs in case of suspension of TP purple lines on slow computers.


  • Protect deposit: if set to false, in case of overlapping orders in the series the virtual trailing stop starts working after the spot where the overlapped and the leading orders are equal to 0; if set to true, it compares deposit funds, and if drawdown of all pairs exceeds 25%, it closes orders at the 0 point.
  • Info: displays handy informational panel.
  • Magic orders Buy: magic number of Buy orders.
  • Magic orders Sell: magic number of Sell orders.
  • Minimum starting lot for trade: minimum starting lot.
  • Max trades: number of orders in the series.
  • Starting TP: initial value of Take Profit in 4 digit points. I.e. 8 points = 80 points for 5 digit quotes.
  • Input parametres for cores: initial parameters of 4 cores (DO NOT CHANGE!)

The EA demonstrates good results on all pairs having USD.

Green line - level of opening a Buy order.

Red line - level of opening a Sell order.

Purple line - trailing stop level.

Real Account Monitoring:

  1. Moderate risk: https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/122081
  2. Low risk: https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/122056

We do not recommend launching the EA when important Fed news are released.


Maxim Kirillov
2015.10.26 10:02 

Тестирую советника уже два месяца. От версии к версии очень сильно прогрессирует. Несмотря на то, что советник строит сетку, происходит это очень безопасно. Если не жадничать со стартовым лотом и поставить на несколько пар, то сможете получить стабильный профит в месяц без особого риска. Автор очень оперативно отвечает на сообщения, помогает с настройками.

Version 1.3 - 2015.10.20
Neuro Lis vs.1.3
1) Increased the number of orders opened with trend.
2) Improved entry accuracy.
3) Added trend filter based on Pivot Points.
4) Added values of BUY , SELL on a chart to help decision making during manual trading.
Version 1.2 - 2015.10.13
Neuro Lis vs.1.2
1) Optimization of closing of orders.
2) Function of a stop of 1 or all orders.
3) The system of creation of a grid of orders is improved.
4) The neuronet filter is added.
5) Stability on news is improved.
6) Stop work at increase of spread.
Version 1.1 - 2015.08.14
Neuro Lis vs.1.1
1) The function of shutdown of the 4th core of a neuronet overloading the terminal is added. Input parameters increasing operational speed on several currency pairs are also reduced. When the 4 core is shut down the system puts the server Take Profit levels for safety reasons and when lagging orders are closed on the server. Now the terminal doesn't hang even on low systems.
2) The Manuual Trade function allowing users to work in the mode of semi-automatic management is added.