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MA D a S

MA D a S (The Moving Averages. The Direction and Signals) is a combination of trend and signal indicators. Based on two moving averages. The histogram changes its color when these averages are crossed. Buy and Sell signals appear when the price touches moving averages, but a built-in filter eliminates a range of such touches.


  • ma_fast_period - fast MA period
  • ma_fast_method - fast MA smoothing method
  • ma_fast_price - fast MA price type 
  • ma_fast_shift - fast MA shift
  • ma_slow_period - slow MA period
  • ma_slow_method - slow MA smoothing method
  • ma_slow_price - slow MA price type 
  • ma_slow_shift - slow MA shift
2016.04.11 03:22 

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Rodrigo da Silva Boa
2016.01.31 02:34 

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Aliaksei Isakau
2015.08.02 21:35 

Благодарю за индикатор, все как и думал, немного логику стрелок не понятно. Я предложил бы рисовать их на основе реального объема ,для настоящего рынка очень интересно выглядело бы.